Welfare Queen Infuriating Tax Payers After Bragging About These LAVISH Plans


There’s no arguing that Christmas is a time in which children’s eyes light up with the hopes of Santa Clause and presents, but unfortunately for some, their parents aren’t able to afford everything they’d like. The same can’t be said for one UK welfare queen as she’s recently announced that she’s planning a lavish Christmas for her 8 kids, and it’s all been paid for, not by her, but by the taxpayers.

Marie Buchan, 33, is a mother of eight children whose husband recently split after declaring he couldn’t take the stress of so many children. Because of this and being unemployed, Buchan has been deemed “entitled” to £2,227 a month in benefits, all paid for by the hard-working men and women of England.

Welfare Queen Infuriating Tax Payers After Bragging About These LAVISH Plans

Needless to say, this kind of money has allowed for the mother of eight (Tia, 12, Leah, 11, Latoya, 9, Joshua, 8, Alisha, 6, Mikayla, 4, Amelia, 2, and Olivia, 1) to ensure that her children get everything she sees fit – the perfect Christmas. Although her welfare check has allowed her to afford this excessive kind of Christmas, it hasn’t come without cost as Buchan says she’s fallen behind on rent by about £1000 (but don’t worry, that too works out later).

Perhaps the worst part in all this is that Buchan is aware of what she’s doing, and she doesn’t mind bragging. She explained on Channel 5’s documentary Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole, “A lot of people will see this and once they are all wrapped think ‘how dare she, she’s on benefits and she has all these presents for her kids and we only have two or three for ours because we are working full time and can’t afford it.’”

That doesn’t seem to matter all that much to her though as she later stated, “But everyone deserves a Christmas and why should we on benefits not be able to. For my children not to be able to open a present on Christmas day because we’re on benefits, it’s just not right, there shouldn’t be a stigma for that.”

According to Mail Online:

Marie, who has been on benefits since she had her first child at the age of 19, admits she can have trouble controlling her spending.

She said: ‘When there is a sale on, I’ll think I’ll order that and that, then at the end of the month I get a £200 bill. A catalogue bill came in this month and I thought, “if I don’t pay it, I’ll get charged” so I missed my rent. I really have to focus on my rent first.’

Fortunately for Buchan, the welfare program has since awarded her with a bigger residence and said that they’ll simply write off her debt owed (rent) when she moves. The family will now have enough room for all the gifts, along with four bedrooms, just in time for Christmas.

What do you think of this – should welfare provide for the “extras” in life or is it there to ensure minimal survival? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments.

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