Josie Cunningham has made quite a name for herself, mooching off welfare to get everything from breast implants to, most recently, a house twice as large as her last. Sadly, not a single penny for all of this comes from her own pocket, instead it is funded by taxpayers. This fact is leaving many beyond infuriated.

News of Cunningham first went public when she was somehow granted breast implants by the UK’s version of US Welfare’s Medicaid – the National Health Service (NHS). Needless to say, she was able to convince the government that her lack of breasts resulted in a lifetime of humiliation and even depression.

As expected, quite a few people were ticked, and the fact that the same NHS denied a 2-year-old child with cerebral palsy treatment that could have saved its life, made it all the worse. Showing just how little she cared, Cunningham later stated that her breasts were too large and demanded a reduction on account of the negative public attention.

Sometime later, Ms. Cunningham had discovered that she was pregnant, but she decided she was going to have an abortion – yet again on the taxpayer’s dime – in hopes of pursuing her reality television career on Big Brother. After public outrage, she came forward saying that she would keep the child, but was later seen smoking and drinking while pregnant because her child was a boy rather than a girl — a fact that Cunningham found upsetting and disappointing.

Welfare Queen’s Latest Handout Has Taxpayers Beyond INFURIATED
Cunningham smoking while pregnant because her child was a boy.

Cunningham also said that had she known it was a boy, she probably would have went through with the abortion.

Most recently, the welfare queen has been able to drag herself back into the public spotlight as she was granted a new taxpayer-funded home, twice the size of her previous one, on account of being scared of Twitter trolls tracking down her house.

According to the Mail Online:

A source told the newspaper: ‘She knew what she wanted so she went and got it. When she started to get Twitter threats she saw an opportunity. In private she says the trolls don’t bother her.

‘Josie rang me up laughing when the deal for her new home came off and said “you couldn’t swing a cat in the old place. I could swing a tiger in here – wait till you see it”.

‘She’s obviously not short of money. She splashes out £500 a day for a bodyguard and driver when she works in London – and her children have more designer clothes than most adults.’

Given the fact that taxpayers are shelling out so much money to this parasite, wouldn’t you think she’d be forced to rid herself of the inconvenience in her life? After all, if she’s scared of Twitter trolls, there’s a fairly simple solution – delete your twitter account.

Then again, all the fame she’s been able to obtain would slip right through her fingers. Wouldn’t that be a shame? Feel free to let this pathetic excuse for a human being have it in the comments.

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