WELFARE SLOB With 15 Kids ‘Says Somebody Needs To Pay For All My Children And ‘Be Held Accountable’

welfare mom

37 year old Angel Adams has 15 children and she needs some welfare help to support them. She claims she is homeless. Twelve of the children are living with her in a motel room. They had no food, no shoes, no change of clothing for over three days. Reporters only found out about the situation after an employee of the motel called the news station.

Adams was evicted from her apartment. All of their belongings ended up out on the curbside of the road. But most of it has been picked over by scavengers. She maintained her troubles began when her fiancé, the father of ten of her children, was arrested and social service programs got involved.

The former female landlord defended her actions,

“We tried to help them and… and I think several other agencies with the paying of her rent and the paying of her utilities. They did more than their part.”

Her family has been surviving off the generosity of others. DCF was contacted and insisted they had been helping the Adams family by paying for their rent and furniture. But the matriarch insists its not enough.

Adams stated,

“Somebody needs to pay for allllll my children. And mine, and Garrett, and all are suffering. Somebody needs to be held accountable. And somebody needs to pay.”

A DCF official met up with her and stated that aid had been coming their way. However, he recognized that all sixteen of them couldn’t be staying in one tiny motel room. Nick Cox, a DCF Director was able to find them a temporary home in Brandon.

Adams was eventually arrested for contempt of court for refusing to answer the Judge when she asked if she was pregnant. The Judge feared Adams had intercourse in front of her twelve minor children. The children are in states custody and DCF officials are in the process of finding family members to possibly place them with temporarily.

Despite the governments assistance of over $1000 a month Adams has lambasted government social agencies for not doing more to help. While those children absolutely need to be taken care of whether it be by family or the state their is something fundamental not being acknowledged.

You don’t have children you can’t pay for. You don’t have children you can’t support. The most agregious part of this fiasco is Adams mentality that everyone else should be supporting her kids except herself. Utter lunacy.