Watch What These Entitled Welfare Snobs Do To A Phoenix Cop Struggling To Make An Arrest At Walmart (VIDEO)

A Walmart in Phoenix was the scene of a crazy event that almost turned deadly for a police officer trying to arrest an alleged thief. It all began when a Walmart security guard saw a woman stuffing store products into a duffel bag before she gallantly waltzed out of the store like she was a member of Ocean’s 11.

Not so fast, Delores Imboden! You can’t just rob a Walmart and get away with it! She saw the cop approaching and dropped the bag of stolen goods and hopped into the passenger seat of a car driven by Steven Katzeek.

The officer caught up to the vehicle on foot and requested her to exit the vehicle, but she refused. The officer attempted to remove her from the vehicle so he could arrest her for stealing, but she put up a fight. The officer told the driver, Katzeek, to turn the vehicle off and he refused to comply. With the car still running, this places the officer in danger of the driver hauling off and causing bodily injury to the officer. The officer removed the keys and was bitten on the arm by the thief, Imboden. The officer rightfully struck Imboden to get her gnarly teeth off his arm and to prevent her from biting him again.

While this happens, she begins screaming that he’s beating and choking her. A small crowd forms and people can’t really see what’s going on – all they hear are the screams emitting from the throat of a despicable welfare queen thief.

A crowd of liberal idiots forms around the vehicle and begin taunting the officer as if he’s the one who committed a crime. They have no idea there’s a thief in the car who likes to bite humans and cry wolf. This video shows the exact problem with liberals and people who stick up for the criminals.

Katzeek was ordered to turn the car off, which he refused to do. At one point the officer threatened to shoot Katzeek if he started to drive off with the officer hanging half-way out of the car.

After Katzeek refused to turn the car off, the officer reached over to grab the keys from the ignition. Imboden responded by biting the officer. The officer then responded by striking Imboden to prevent her from further biting him.

The crowd became extremely hostile and called out threats at the officer and threatened people who looked like they were going to try to help the officer.

While the officer continued to struggle to get Imboden out of the car, Katzeek began to hang onto Imboden, holding her in the car as the officer tried to remove her. The officer finally pepper sprayed Katzeek to get him to let go of Imboden.

The goods stolen from Walmart were recovered and both Imboden and Katzeek were arrested and charged with various crimes. The people surrounding the car were clueless loons threatening police officers instead of cheering them on.

The stupid people say the cop maced the driver for no reason. Actually, it was because the man refused to turn off the engine of a car and a moving car can seriously injure people. If the driver had turned the car off and told the woman to calm down, then he would not have been maced.

If a cop is arresting someone who steals from your neighborhood store, then you should support the police. These liberal wombats need to realize who the good guys really are. This lady stole from YOUR store and was biting YOUR police officer. Who are you going to support?

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