Welfare Thug Threatens To KILL Trump If He Takes Away His FOOD STAMPS

A recent video went viral online and has 17,000 views showing a young thug ranting about how he will kill Trump if he makes good on his promise to decrease the level of welfare benefits distributed. The video shows the man talking a mile a minute, barely understandable.

He threatens to not only kill Donald Trump but start a war with the government and work with ISIS. He references how he doesn’t even care about the terrorist organization. He doesn’t provide his real name but instead calls himself ‘Lil Maine’.

“And I ain’t worried about ISIS because they just called me, they want me to fuck with them now… Ya, we got them drums bitch and grenades but I’m scared to throw them,” he said.

The rapper became upset when he feat that Trump wanted to “take” food stamps away from his mother. He said that they were all his mother had.

“I could go to war with whoever the fuck I want to, but I really want to go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump trying to take food stamps from my mamma and that’s all the fuck she’s got. As long as the motherfucking government let us keep food stamps… we gonna be good, but the first time this nigga pass a law talking about he taking Louisiana purchase, shit going to get ugly. I swear to god on every motherfucking chain I got, bitchez gonna go down,” he emphatically expressed.

He went on, “You gotta understand them (inaudible) love Fruit Loops. They love that shit so if you take that shit nigga it’s coming with the madness and a nigga ain’t gonna play about that. Y’all take Donald Trump and let him know it’s up over here. We gonna declare war.”

Their are no words to express the utter degradation society has withheld when someone like this ends up the way he is.

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