Obama’s Nasty Welfare Thugs Spot LONE WHITE BOY On Train, GUESS What Happens Next…

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President people have felt like it is open season on anyone they disagree with. Things were bad long before he entered office though. People were openly spitting in the faces of police officers and so it makes sense why a video recently went viral of several African American young men beating the crap out of a Caucasian young Mann on a train just because he was white.

The video was taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico when a few thugs showed up on a train. The boys started egging each other on and getting each other worked up. That’s when one of them went up to the Caucasian boy was minding his own business and not doing anything.

The boy who walked up to him smacked him really hard in the head. Then his buddies joined in and they all began hitting, slapping, and punching him. And it didn’t seem to stop for a while.

Another video like this went viral just last week but showed a man intervening on the victims behalf to talk some sense into the kid who was bullying the victim. But unfortunately not all of these videos end on a positive note. In a post-Obama world this type of discourse and ugliness is encouraged.

People think it’s cute and funny to act like a fool and behave like a animal when nobody has done anything wrong to you. But they are encouraged to do it so why wouldn’t they. Donald Trump needs to make American respectable again. Then it will be great. Perhaps putting little kids like this in jail will restore a little bit of respect.

Nobody deserves to be treated the way these boys treated that young man. They should be ashamed of themselves and their behavior.

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