Well, Well, Well, Look What Desperate Tomi Lahren Is Doing For ‘Work’ Now – No Wonder She’s Pro-Abortion


America’s conservative sweetheart Tomi Lahren has slipped out of the spotlight in recent weeks after her employer The Blaze terminated her from their network after going on The View and shocking many of her fans with announcing her pro-choice stance. As her future endeavors at this point remain unclear, a controversial video of Tomi has just surfaced on the internet, leading some to question if the 23-year-old superstar is really as conservative as she led millions of Americans to believe.

Right now there is a legal battle going on between Tomi and The Blaze over ownership of her facebook page, which has amassed 4.2 million fans since she began working for the conservative network. While the legal battle plays out, Tomi has since made a new Facebook page, where she is frantic to get her followers back after things with south with her employer. “The hardest part to overcome was not the fact that I lost my job – I could get a job anywhere but the fact that I lost the direct connection I had with you all,” she quipped in a facebook post on March 29.

But rather than the usual snark and political commentary that we’ve grown to expect, it appears as though Tomi has completely transformed her image. Her new page is riddled with provocative selfies, a desperate cry for attention that has startled many of her followers and fans. Ditching her usual professional look for a crop top and booty shorts, one video features her gyrating around with a message to her “haters” with a caption that reads, “don’t let the bullsh*t weigh you down.”

Several on the post immediately began blasting the scantily-clad twerking Tomi, astonished that she would reduce herself to a “blonde bimbo” in a desperate attempt to regain her fanbase on facebook.

Others immediately came to Tomi’s defense, even going so far as to say that it wasn’t her in the video, even though you can examine the facial features of the twerking woman and adequately conclude that it is in fact Tomi.

It’s truly sad how far Tomi has fallen from her glory days at The Blaze. The once bright star of the conservative moment appears to be frantic to regain her popularity after losing countless followers after coming clean with her leftist views on abortion. Perhaps this is the true Tomi Lahren. An attention-seeking millennial who will shamelessly twerk her way back into the spotlight after being shut down by the true Conservatives of America who understand that taking the life of an unborn child is never an option for someone claiming to be a Conservative Christian.

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