Well, Well, Well, Look What Just Happened With The Stolen Secret Service Laptop — It’s BAD

Well, Well, Well, Look What Just Happened With The Stolen Secret Service Laptop — It's BAD

A Secret Service agent’s laptop was stolen from her car parked right outside of her Brooklyn home last week, compromising national security and the First Family with sensitive information stored on it. Concerns began to arise about how an agent could be so careless to leave her laptop susceptible like that and now we know that there’s more to this story than when we first broke it, and it’s far worse than we thought.

The flaws within the nation’s top security agency have been on full display with three security breaches at the White House in a week and one stolen laptop. This comes after another agent was reassigned for publicly admitting that she wouldn’t take a bullet for President Trump, leaving the country to wonder who is working against the president, rather than for him as they have been entrusted to do.

More information has been released about the thief who stole the agent’s computer last Thursday, which strongly suggests that this wasn’t a random crime of opportunity — it was planned and he knew exactly what he was after and got it.

According to police, the suspect had targeted the agent and followed her to her home in an Uber vehicle, jumping out and grabbing the backpack from her car at approximately 3 a.m., TMZ reports. However, there was more than just the laptop they made off with which is of added concern.

“As we reported, the hard drive contained Trump Tower floor plans and evacuation protocols, but the agency insists there was,” TMZ noted. The thief also has a passport and several Secret Service lapel pins in their possession which belong to the agent.

There is surveillance video of the thief stealing the backpack, but it’s of such poor quality that it’s proven difficult for investigators to make out identifying features on the suspect and they have no specific leads. At this point, all that is known is that the suspect was male and is believed to still have Secret Service materials which could be in the wrong hands.

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