Well, Well, Well, Look What Who The UT Campus Stabber Is Connected To That The Media Is DESPERATE To Hide

The state of Texas is known for cowboys, leaning gun laws and a mild aversion to anything northern. Usually, any Texan will have strong feelings about the state capitol, Austin. They are known for indie music, locally brewed beer and the hippy “keep Austin weird” campaign that makes many of us cringe in our boots. One thing that all of us can agree on though; you mess with one of us and your mess with all of us.

That was the case on Monday when one crazy idiot with a knife decided to work out his issues by committing violence against his fellow students at the University of Texas at Austin.

Via KXAN Austin:
“One student is dead and three more were injured in a stabbing on the University of Texas at Austin campus Monday afternoon.

The suspect, identified as 21-year-old Kendrex J. White, was armed with a ‘Bowie-style’ hunting knife, police say. When the officer ordered the suspect to the ground, he complied and was placed into custody inside the Jester West building. Social media posts show the suspect had a large knife holder attached to his waist.

emergency crews found three additional stabbing victims within one block. All the victims were male and attend UT. Two of victims were released from the hospital Monday evening.

The Graham Independent School District in north Texas says the victim who died was 19-year-old Harrison Brown. In a Facebook post, the district said Brown graduated in 2016 and that he was ‘an inspiration to everyone around him.’

As rumors swirled that there were other attacks in and around campus, UTPD said they do not know of any additional or ongoing threats. ‘That fear is very understandable, especially in light of recent vandalism and threats against students,’ said UT President Greg Fenves in a statement Monday evening. However, APD did confirm that there was an unrelated stabbing that happened a few blocks away around 3 p.m.”

It would almost be nice to think that this was just one depressed kid that came unwrapped and went crazy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s not yet clear if it was nurture of nature that made him think it was ok to start stabbing people and acting on his own personal vendetta, but this isn’t the first time he’s shown anti-white sentiments. White, and some of his friends actually fantasized about killing white people as long as 5 years ago. They even had the gall to make a video about it, and act out what they wanted to do.

According to the description, this was a school project. I’m not aware of how the project came out, but I sincerely hope somebody threw this out as the racist garbage that it is. I know that many African Americans feel that they’ve got a free pass to be perpetually pissed off at white people because slavery happened, but it’s far from a reason to carry out a stabbing spree.

I’m afraid that this is a peek into the dark soul of someone who has hatred and bitterness built up inside, and they just happened to land on killing white people because of slavery. Slavery was, of course, a terrible thing, but what many forget is how many white people died to free slaves. It’s estimated that around 620,000 American soldiers lost their lives in the Civil War, you know, the one that freed the slaves. Only recently did the number of Americans that have died in every other conflict combined, eclipse the number who died in the Civil War.

However, all of that aside, even if no one died to free the slaves and they freed themselves, this would be a completely unacceptable and gruesome act, that will hopefully be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Imagine that had been you, or your child off at college, minding your own business when a man with a knife started randomly selecting people based on their looks to stab and kill. Does that sound like something that should be happening in American? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that’s what we’re promised. This guy decided to be judge, jury, and executioner and take all of those rights away from people who he blames, for things that didn’t even happen to him.

I hope that in the future, everyone who is anywhere near violent acts like this is responsible enough to be carrying a firearm and will say “never again, not in my house.” I know that’s what I’d be doing.

(Source: KXAN Austin)

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