Well, Well, Well, The Truth Just Came Out About Cause Of Hillary’s Fainting Spells And It’s Worse Than Anyone Thought

As if we needed any more proof that Hillary was going to make a terrible President, we’ve recently gotten even further proof that she’s both the master at hiding things and a terrible judge of character. Her famed and yet somehow still concealed health problems didn’t help her campaign at all.

Sometimes leaving things up to the imagination can be worse than what really happened. There were rumors of her obvious incapacitation being due to all sorts of different neurological conditions, the validity of which we may never really know. And I also wouldn’t want to discount that there really is something wrong between the ears of every Clinton, but that’s not the story at hand.

For now, some truth about her now famous fainting spell has come to light, and the person to blame for it is someone that no one would have expected. Hillary had many freakishly loyal aides and campaign staffers, but there were a few who’s roles seemed to bridge into the personal, as they were almost too privy to what was going on. That seems to be just the problem here.

Via Conservative Tribune:

“When former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had a fainting spell on Sept. 11, 2016, rumors were swiftly passed around regarding the candidate’s health that questioned her physical ability to perform presidential duties if elected. Now, in a new book, reporters have exposed just why Clinton fainted.

‘Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,’ written by reporters Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, detailed many reasons why Hillary Clinton’s 2016 bid for presidency was doomed from the start. One of those reasons was Clinton’s loyalty to the wrong people.

Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest adviser, could be considered one of the major downfalls of Clinton’s campaign. Abedin was already embroiled in her own controversy with her estranged husband, Anthony Wiener, yet Clinton kept her on the campaign.

The U.K. Independent reported on the compassion Clinton felt for Abedin and how ultimately this was a huge blow to Clinton’s campaign.

However, it was this closeness that caused Abedin to be the only one who knew that Clinton’s health had taken a turn for the worse. Abedin knew but kept the doctor’s diagnosis a secret from the rest of the campaign advisers, which led to the infamous fainting spell.

The Independent Journal Review highlighted passages from Thomas Goulding’s review of ‘Shattered,’ including this gem: ‘When Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia by her doctor, the closest adviser to her, Huma Abedin, kept this information guarded, with most of the rest of her team in the dark about a significant change in the candidate’s health.

‘As a result no one stopped Hillary from intense debate preparation and then attendance of a Sept. 11 memorial service, which made Clinton stagger and faint on the way to her car, giving (Republican nominee Donald) Trump political meat to question her fitness for office. The campaign team misled the press in their initial response because Abedin hadn’t properly briefed their spokespeople, and not for the first time.

‘Like with the Clinton campaign’s first response to the e-mail scandal, this only further cemented the impression of the Clintonworld misleading the public and hiding the truth,’ Goulding concluded.’

Whether Clinton knew it or not, Huma Abedin was a problem from the start. Between her issues figuring out the difference between a secure and an insecure way to send a State Department email and her philandering husband, Abedin would have already been a huge liability. And that’s not even addressing her ties to jihadist, which were plentiful. However, the plus that we can take away from that is that she helped America to see what was going on behind the iron curation of Clinton secrecy, and if that’s what it took to out Hillary for the crazy liberal that she is, then I’m all for it.

The choice to keep Abedin was so obviously counter-productive that many have speculated that her relationship with Hillary may have been as far more than just an aide. And while we don’t have any concrete proof in either direction on those claims, seeing a political animal like Hillary make a stupid staffing choice should make us wonder.

Maybe it was love, or maybe it really is a brain injury. Either way, be sure to say an extra prayer of thanks that America saw the light and evaded the talons of another Clinton for another trip down the path to destruction.

(Source: Conservative Tribune)

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