WH Security Scrambling After Strangely Familiar Woman Found On Grounds – Here’s Who She Is

WH Security Scrambling After Strangely Familiar Woman Found On Grounds - Here's Who She Is

The Secret Service has had their work cut out for them with President Trump in office. He’s a magnet to liberal lunatics who feel justified in attempting to take out our Commander-in-Chief, as we saw yet again early Sunday morning, but it was who security caught that makes this security breach much different than the others.

An alarm on the White House grounds was set off at about 2:15 a.m. Sunday morning, “at the southeast corner of the Treasury Building,” WTOP reports. Secret Service was immediately on the scene, where they found a familiar face who had attempted to make her way on the grounds. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t wear the right shoes for jumping the fence, as her shoelace tripped her up, making for a rough landing on the other side.

It’s not the first time security officials have see the fence-jumper, identified as 38-year-old Marci Anderson Wahl. Evidently, Wahl is intent on getting to the president as this is her third attempt to do so, in just a week. Two prior arrests and a “Stay Away” order couldn’t keep her from attempting what she set out to do, which shows the degree to which these degenerates will go to ensure the fate that they feel Trump deserves.

“She was arrested and charged with unlawful entry and contempt of court,” the report noted, adding that her backpack she wore to scale the fence was also confiscated. She brought with her what she apparently felt was “mission critical,” including a sleeping bag and other non-dangerous items.

It’s unacceptable that this woman was able to make this attempt multiple times, regardless of the fact that the third time wasn’t a charm. There have been at least two other attempted intruders and there will likely be more. The most effective way to resolve this ongoing issue is to electrify the fence around the White House —which is the same that should be done to the border wall.


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