What are educators teaching?


I am an educator. I’m not your typical educator; I have not taught in a classroom since 1988. I have, however, taught Bible studies, home schooled my three girls all the way through high school, and currently work as a testing facilitator (proctor) at my local state college. Because I am an atypical educator with a strong conservative bent, the conditions of our public schools bother me greatly. Because I am a proctor, I see the product of the public schools and how many of those graduating need remedial help before they can take college level math and English classes.

Posted in the Inquisitor, an op-ed graphically shows how one public school in Chicago, Illinois, has dramatically failed its students. The writer says this school is just a microcosm of the whole Chicago public school system (CPS) where four out of every ten freshman graduate. Also only 26% of CPS graduates are college ready when they graduate. Like my experience in a much smaller metro area in Florida, most students who do graduate and go to college from the CPS need remediation before they are ready for college level classes.

In this particular public school, the prom theme was “This is Our Story”. Unfortunately, the flyers and other printed material associated with the prom reads thus: “This is Are Story”. The adult sponsors of the prom signed off on this spelling and they are educators. The op-ed quotes another article: “Gowins calls the “This is are story” prom slogan fail “a glaring example of just how bad things have gotten,” adding that the “tragic irony is that Paul Robeson students picked a theme that evokes hope for the future; something every child deserves.”

Funny thing is, teachers in the CPS system make good money. Even with that, they are not educating our children and it is no wonder America is so far behind. Just think of these students joining the military unable to spell, read, write, or do simple computations. Now I know they are required to take a test, but I truly believe even that test has been dumbed down from when my husband took it in 1970 or 1971 for the Air Force. Not only that, these functionally illiterate students are joining the throngs of illegal immigrants looking for jobs that require a good, fundamental education. The way for a totalitarian government to control the people is to dumb down the children and fill them with propaganda instead, making them unquestioning dependents of that government. It’s been happening for years but only now are we starting to wake up to the consequences.

See http://www.inquisitr.com/1292488/students-claim-this-is-are-story-in-prom-slogan-fail/

Lynne L Harris

Is a former US Army Officer and graduated from Baylor with a degree in law.