What Muslims Just Did at the US Capitol Is Being Called “Historic”… We’re Under Attack


From Conservative Tribune:  Something happened on Capitol Hill Monday that some people are calling “historic,” which others view as cunning political subterfuge.

The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations held their first ever National Muslim Advocacy Day in our nation’s capitol, where they lobbied a number of members of Congress on behalf of Muslims around the country.

With nearly 300 delegates from 20 different states, the advocates represented a number of different Muslim organizations here in America.

After receiving tips on effective lobbying from political experts, the Muslim advocates fanned out and visited some 200 different Congressional offices to make their case.

But counterterrorism expert and former FBI agent John Guandolo says the exercise was little more than a ploy for Muslims to gain more political power.

According to Allen West Republic, Guandolo said, “This kind of event has several key elements to it. The first is they’re trying to declare the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations is a Muslim political party in the U.S. and candidates are going to have to be vetted by them.”

The Muslim advocates called on Congress and the Department of Justice to close any loopholes in their racial profiling guidelines that would permit profiling in the name of national security, domestic surveillance or border security.

Furthermore, they demanded Congress pass legislation that would prohibit all federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies from engaging in any sort of profiling for any reason, based on things like race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or religion.

They also called for Congress to spend more money on after-school programs to combat and prevent youth violence, programs with a dubious record at best.

“This historic united advocacy day marks the coming of age for the American Muslim community on the national political scene. The education, equality and social justice agenda promoted by National Muslim Advocacy Day delegates is of benefit to all Americans, regardless of background,” said Robert McCaw, chairman of the USCMO Advocacy Day Steering Committee.

This event could very well be historic, though the reasons for such a consideration are likely different among different groups.

Muslims certainly see this as historic, as it opens up the door a little further for them to become more involved in the political process here in America, which in and of itself isn’t a bad thing.

Non-Muslims, particularly those concerned about the safety and future of this nation in the face of the very realthreat posed by radical Islam, see things differently though.

When most of the groups that make up the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations have ties to known terrorist groups, and were either created or are staffed by individuals with known ties to terrorists and the funding of terrorism, then it becomes a big problem.

All special interest groups have the right to lobby Congress and to seek a redress of their grievances as laid out in the First Amendment, and we of course support that.

We also support the investigation and prosecution of anyone with ties to radical Islamic terror — whether they’ve lobbied Congress or not.

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