What Number Is Under Car? Kids Can Solve This Easily

Via CT: Everyone loves a good brain teaser. What’s black, white and red all over? What walks on four legs when it is morning, on two legs at noon and on three legs in the evening? Why would anyone in their right mind vote for Bernie Sanders?

However, if you’re looking for something a little bit different, here’s an excellent brain bender for you. First-graders can figure this out within seconds, but adults seem to have a massive amount of trouble with it.

Ready? All right, here you go. You have 20 seconds:


Can’t figure out what the number is? Given up? OK, here’s the solution, if you paused it and haven’t watched it all the way through. Here you go…

See, the numbers are actually upside-down. If you turn it around, the parking space numbers actually runs sequentially from 86 to 91. The spot the car is in is No. 87.


The torturous brain teaser had some Facebook users admitting to being dumber than a first-grader.

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