What This Gun Manufacturer Did At the SHOT Show Is Making Liberal Heads Explode (PICTURE)

The 2016 SHOT Show in las Vegas NV has come to an end today, and one thing that caught everyone’s attention was the mocking of President Obama’s waterboy, Ahmed Clockbar and his homemade IED.

At the SD Tactical Arms booth where they give away custom rifles each year to wounded veterans, including Chris Kyle and this year Chris Mintz, was the holy grail of Obama mockery! We dont need to talk much more about it, so here it is in all its glory:

SD Tactical Arms Booth at Shot Show 2016

Not only is it a ‘Clock’ but it’s a countdown timer till President Obama is out of office, and its inside a pelican rifle case!

Does it get any more epic than that? If you are fed up with Obama and his extremist views be sure to share this on social media! LIKE AND FOLLOW SD TACTICAL ON FACEBOOK 

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