What this Man’s EPIC Yard Sign Is “Aiming” At…has the leftists gnashing their teeth

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A man recently made headlines for his homemade hunter signs proudly displayed in his front yard. However, it’s not so much the design of pro-Second Amendment signs that have leftists in an uproar, but what the gun-toting silhouette is “aiming” at.

Dennis Murdy has perfected the unique hobby of custom-made cutouts, a talent which he advertises in his own yard. Most of his signs support the military, Second Amendment, or other patriotic causes, but there’s just one that has onlookers gnashing their teeth — at least Muslims and liberals, anyway.

WKTV reports that Murdy has come under fire for displaying a silhouette of a hunter pointing his firearm at a Muslim cutout. The Muslim yard sign is on his knees, hands raised, complete with a white-painted turban.

Leftist Demand Action Over What Illinois Man's Hunter Yard Sign Is "Aiming" At

Murdy’s hunter cutout appears to be taking aim at a kneeling, turban-clad Muslim.

To his surprise, reporters flocked to the scene, questioning the Illinois man’s motive. However, Murdy immediately put to rest the notion that criticizing an ideology is anything other than our constitutional right.

“The Muslims and Islam is one of the most violent cults there is,” he claims. “It is not a religion. It’s a cult. Their Qur’an says nothing but violence. You can see what ISIS is doing. They are spreading across the country and this is biblical.”

Murdy, a deer hunter himself, explained that the hunter silhouette was in support of “the Second Amendment,” adding that the Obama administration would “like to do away with the NRA,” according to the Peoria Journal Star.

“This country’s turning against our soldier boys,” he said. “[Obama’s] bringing in the refugees — you know they’re all Muslim.”

Leftist Demand Action Over What Illinois Man's Hunter Yard Sign Is "Aiming" At

As for selling the controversial display, the hunter costs $30, but the kneeling Muslim has yet to sell. Of course, the offended were quick to denounce his display, equating his inanimate expression not as free speech, but hate speech.

“Free speech should not be mixed with hate speech. It’s extremely important and we have to draw that line. If Islamophobia is going to be acceptable, by the same token, anti-Semitism and racism would be acceptable. That is wrong,” says Imam Kamil Mufti with the Islamic Foundation of Peoria

However, Mufti fails to acknowledge that Islamic law not only forbids freedom of speech, but also that preaching directly from the Quran is perhaps the most dangerous hate speech in the West. In fact, contradictory to Mufti’s hypocritical statement, it’s also full of anti-Semitic rhetoric.

There are over 100 verses in the Quran that command Muslims to use violence to carry out the will of Allah and receive eternal reward. Although many apologists would have us believe that these sinister scriptures are open for interpretation, there’s only one person who had any authority to interpret what they meant — the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

Muhammad modeled these commands almost always as soon as he dictated them. For example, when he took Rayhana and Safiyya as his own personal sex slaves after beheading their families, he quoted Quran 4:24, which states that married women are forbidden for sexual contact, except for the captives “your right hand possesses.”

Without Muhammad, the one man upon whom Allah bestowed the highest authority, modeling these commands as Islam’s “perfect man,” it might be possible to excuse these verses as being misunderstood by Muslim terrorists. However, because of his own actions, we can see that the most devout and justified believers are perhaps those in the most brutal terrorist groups.

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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