WHATABURGER: Offended Latino Resists Arrest And Fights Police Officers…When Will They Learn!

A video was recently leaked over this past weekend showing Lubbock Police who were involved in a violent struggle with a suspect who was subsequently arrested. Law enforcement officials released on Monday a body cam video of the 911 audio track.

On Sunday June 25th, law enforcement officers wrote in a written statement,

Officer Mitchell attempted to perform a pat down of the suspect for possible weapons and the suspect punched Officer Mitchell in the face with a closed fist.”

The report indicates an aggressive suspect who was threatening customers and staff at a Whataburger on 1792 19th Street. The statement didn’t mention the officers name though.

One of the suspects who was arrested was 30-year old Eliseo Padilla who was charged with assaulting a police officer and was detained until Monday afternoon at the Lubbock County Detention Center.

Police said,

“The suspect continued to strike the officers with a closed fist and he kicked a third officer multiple times. Officers used a Taser, but it had no effect on the suspect. Officers were eventually able to take Padilla into custody. A child was inside Padilla’s truck at the time.”

In the 911 transcript two employees of the Whatburger where the incident took place were apparently concerned about a man being disruptive. The violence started after an officer told Padilla to remove his hands form his pocket and put them on his truck.

The video shows Padilla arguing with an officer telling him how he was upset because he couldn’t get a refund after another customer insulted him and his father in front of his son, even though his father was not there.

When Padilla refused to put his hands up he became violent when the officer began patting him down. Padilla’s someone can be heard sobbing the background as his father resists arrest. The video is largely blacked out from Padilla resisting.

Unfortunately, the real victim is his kid in the background who is clearly traumatized by the experience. Which is so incredibly sad and could have been avoided if Padilla followed directions.


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