When A Thug Tried To Rob A Pharmacy At Gunpoint, The Owner UNLOADED!


Score one for the good guys. Oh, and don’t expect this “good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun” story to be on left-wing evening news. It doesn’t fit their anti-gun narrative.

Yes I’m Right shared the story:

A pharmacy owner in Pennsylvania was robbed by a tweaked-out gunman. Instead of risking his livelihood and dignity, the owner took out a piece of his own, got the jump on the creep, and took out the assailant.

According to Levittown Now,

“Last Friday morning started as any other morning would for Kenneth Lee, the owner of Pennsbury Pharmacy on New Falls Road in Falls Township, but by 9:56 a.m., the day took a turn which would dramatically alter the lives of all involved.

Lee was manning the family-owned pharmacy on a slow Friday morning, taking care of his usual duties on the computer. From one screen behind the counter, Lee could see surveillance camera angles from the inside and outside of the store. A minivan pulled up and a masked man with what looked like a rifle or shotgun jumped out.

Lee knew that he was about to be robbed.

According to Lee, the next seconds were a flash. The masked man entered the store and started charging the counter. Lee made multiple verbal warnings to the intruder that he had a gun, but the intruder was seemingly set on coming over the counter.

“I just made the decision that if he comes over, it’s either me or him, but I wanted him to know I had a gun,” Lee said. “I prayed he would hear me and get scared and run.”

That ended up not happening. The intruder – later identified through fingerprints as Willie A. Bozarth, 33, of Sewell, New Jersey – came over the counter and Lee made the decision to pull the trigger on the handgun he carried to protect himself and his business.

“My intention was only to survive, to go home to my wife and daughter,” Lee said.

Since the incident, county officials and others have said that Lee did the right thing. Lee doesn’t consider himself a hero though.

“I appreciate what they say, but in my opinion, I’m not a hero. Heroes are the law enforcement and the troops who lay down their lives every day. I am not a hero.””

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