When an After-Christmas Shopper Got Cornered, This Good Samaritan Stuck to His Guns (VIDEO)

MacMichael Nwaiwu

It was your typical day-after-Christmas near a Texas mall: Throngs of people heading to return gifts, heavy traffic and frayed nerves.

And then something happened to amp up the crazy. Caught on tape was man with a gun pointed at another man who had been beating a woman inside a car.

Image Credit: CBS Image Credit: CBS

According to CBS DFW, two sisters on their way to the mall caught the moment on their cellphone camera when the Good Samaritan saved the day:

We expected crowds and long return lines, but we never expected to see that.

Lindsey Bryant told CBS Local 11 the situation wasn’t without its perils:

It was intense not knowing whether bullets were going to start flying from either side of the street.

Police came up on the scene within seconds and initially thought the concealed carry permit holder with the gun was the bad guy, but that faded fast when they learned about the beating. According to The Blaze, police arrested MacMichael Nwaiwu, 28, who is now in jail.

Witness Bryant sees the bigger picture here:

I hope more people see this and are willing to go the extra mile for someone who like this woman, didn’t have a voice and couldn’t speak up for herself

Southlake, Texas, Police Chief Steve Mylett had another take on the matter, however:

While we commend this citizen’s willingness to get involved in order to protect a victim of a crime, the Southlake Police Department does not encourage the public to expose themselves in such a manner…

And yet, isn’t it a good thing this Good Samaritan did just that?


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