While Obama Wines, Dines, and Golfs, Trump is BUSTING ASS for the American People

When Carrier announced that they’d be keeping 1,000 jobs in America that were previously destined for Mexico, one employee (who was a registered Democrat) made a comment that summarized how we all felt, that Trump had gotten more done in weeks than Obama had in years.

No kidding.

The Donald hasn’t even taken office yet, and every other day there’s a new story of a business either keeping jobs in America, or bringing them here. Japan’s SoftBank will be investing $50 billion in the US, creating 50,000 jobs in the process, and even Apple is in talks of moving some manufacturing to the U.S.

Meanwhile, what has Obama been up to? He hasn’t done much in his final month, aside from commuting the sentences of a record number of prisoners. That, and enjoying a final vacation on the dime of the American taxpayer.

As Truthfeed reported:

he First Family’s last $5million-dollar Hawaiian winter vacation is well underway.

They spent three hours wining and dining at Vintage Cave at Ala Moana Center.

Earlier the president duffed around a lavish golf country club with friends.

Trump meanwhile, won’t be taking a salary as President – or any vacations.

We know from his business career that he has a known avoidance of vacations, and that’ll continue during his presidency. Trump, who has already pledged to avoid taking “big” vacations in office, has long been critical of Obama’s penchant for leisure.

In 2011, Trump told Fox News he thought Obama “takes more vacations than any human I’ve ever seen.” This reflects an attitude he’s always had. In his book “Think Like a Billionaire” Trump wrote “Don’t take vacations. What’s the point?”

On the other side of things, I suppose it could be argued that the more time Obama spends on the golf course is less time he can spend screwing up America.


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