A Clemson University fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, has been suspended for having an off campus Christmas party that was claimed to have “flared up racial tensions on campus.”

With political correctness plum out of control, what doesn’t ‘flame up racial tensions on campus’ these days?

From The Daily Mail

The party, held by Clemson University’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity on Saturday, showed some white students throwing stereotypical gang symbols while dressed in bandannas, Tupac t-shirts and sporting fake ‘thug’ tattoos. The party was also reportedly attended by female students from several sororities.

Photos from party-going students at the South Carolina school flooded social media and were accompanied by comments such as: ‘Merry Cripmas to all, and all a hood night.’

The party, organized by several SAE members, was held off-campus at a private residence.
‘Cripmas’ appeared to be a reference to a primarily African-American gang, The Crips, founded in California.”


“Merry Cripmas to all and all a hood night.” That’s actually both funny and clever.

What it isn’t, however, is ‘racist’ or ‘stereotypical.’ How are gang symbols, in and of themselves, stereotypical? How is dressing in gang attire, racist?

Racist and or stereotypical would be to suggest that all blacks engage in gang-related, criminal activity, replete with Tupac t-shirts and ‘thug’ tattoos.

I’ve never understood why people get so “offended” with these kinds of fraternity and sorority parties. It’s just stupid college kids drinking too much and having fun at a party that pokes fun at someone or something from our culture.

In this particular case, why aren’t these sensitive, aggrieved, victimized types who self-righteously protested this party upset with the very people engaging in the self-debasing, self-destructive activities that give life to the images these college kids parodied? Why not direct some of that anger and frustration toward protesting the uncivilized behavior of actual gang members who’s criminality and misogyny victimizes their own communities while shedding a poor light on all black Americans?B4PlPM2CcAAxyB0

Because these people at Clemson- and everyone like them- are cowards who show a habitual inability to direct their condemnation toward the actual sources of discrimination. In the case of stereotypes, that would mean focusing their attention to a small subset of blacks who in their attitudes and behaviors cast a disproportionally dim light upon blacks as a whole.

And these stereotypical images are very easy to find. One can easily venture over to Youtube and see thousands of rap, hip-hop, and R&B music videos- the overwhelming majority of them performed by black artists- proudly and willingly inundating the viewer with continual images of gang activity, criminality, drug use, tattoos, guns, all mixed with palpable sense of hyper-sexuality, available for the entire world to see.  Some of these artists even refer to themselves as ‘gangstas.’ Yet many of these music artists are listened to- and supported- by the very same people who took exception to a white fraternity that used those  images to theme a Christmas party.

Hypocrite, much?

Again, in today’s morally upside down world, it’s ok to be mad at white kids who appropriate negative images for fun, but not ok to condemn the very people- be it in videos or in everyday life- who perpetuate negative images which unfairly stigmatizes blacks?

This is why the notion of protesting against racial discrimination, on campus or off, is losing- or in many cases, has lost- credibility.  It’s also why fewer and fewer people believe claims of racial discrimination or take them seriously, which complicates effectively addressing actual cases when they occur.

So, to the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon- and everyone else who doesn’t offended easily, Merry Cripmas and a Nappy New Year!

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