White Guy Begs For Mercy in Broad Daylight Before Black Man Executes Him, Here’s The Disturbing Reason He Was Killed

White guy accidentally hits a black four-year-old with his car. The child was playing in, or ran into, the street. White guy stops car to help or report the accident. Black child’s father arrives and begins beating up the white driver. The black dad’s black friend then tells the white driver’s black passenger to get out of there because he’s black. Then black dad’s black friend shoots the white driver. Now the black shooter is missing and we have a court case.

Sounds like the plot of any B-Rated movie you find on cheesy late night murder mystery shows on bad television stations. Not much of a “who did it” but more of a “where is he” hunt for the shooter with a $7,500 reward.

People are reporting this as a race based racist case. The only reason the white driver was shot was because he was white. The only reason the black passenger survived was because he was black.

I’m wondering why the Dad’s friend shot the driver. The Dad already beat the guy up. What was the point in shooting him? And where’s the kid? Anyone know where the four-year-old victim is laying after getting hit by the car? What part of all this rage does someone go find the horribly injured child (who I think passed away)?

Was this a racist murder?

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said that race may have “fed into” the deadly shooting of a driver who struck a 4-year-old child last month.

He announced a $7,500 reward for help finding Deonte Baber, 25.

Jamie Urton, a white man, was driving on Kenton Street when he accidentally struck a 4-year-old boy March 24, police said. The boy’s father attacked Urton and then Baber shot him, Deters said.

Hey guy, what about your kid who just got hit? Save your child, then beat up the driver if you really want to. At least it shows that you care about your kid. I know there’s a rage that happens when someone hurts your kid, but if you kill someone in revenge, then you hurt your entire family. Now you’re gone too.

Before he shot Urton, Deters said that Baber, who is black, told the man’s black passenger, “Get out of here. You’re black.”

Baber shot at Urton five times, Deters said.

A warrant has been issued for Baber’s arrest but he is still at large.

Sounds racist to me. Yup, totally racist. Let’s shoot the white guy and send the black guy hiding and running. Sounds stupid to me because now the black guy is a witness and two guys are going away for murder. If they had any brains, then their kid wouldn’t have been running into the street. Any more brains, then they would’ve simply made sure the white driver didn’t go anywhere and that the police and insurance companies took care of everything the legal way.

The boy’s father, Jamall Killings, is also charged with murder in connection with the case. Deters said that before Baber arrived to the car, Killings beat Urton.
Killings has turned himself in.

I’m glad he turned himself in, but where’s his buddy? Is he packing up his house and running to hide in another state? If Killings (appropriate name) wants to have any dignity to his name, then help the police find the man who actually shot the driver. Killings didn’t kill him. He did what a lot of Father’s might do in a fit of rage when someone hurts their child. Sure, he landed a few punches, but he didn’t kill the guy. The OTHER guy killed him. That’s who gets the murder charges. The angry dad who lost his temper after seeing his child hit by a car, that guy gets a regular charge that comes with attacking someone. That should be ALL he gets. The other guy? Well you can put him away for murder. It wasn’t even his kid and here he goes shooting someone that has no connection to him whatsoever.

There has to be other witnesses to this. You know as soon as folks fight in the hood that everyone pulls out the cell phone and yells WorldStarHipHop.

I know someone out there has a video of this shooting.

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