WATCH What These 9 Black Kids Do To a White Guy in Broad Daylight!

These are a bunch of kids that need a good ‘ol fashion whoop’in. If I had even entertained the idea of assaulting someone for no good reason like they did to this man, I’d be unable to sit for days…possibly weeks.

We’re talking a 12-year old, two 13-year-olds, three 14-year-olds, two 16-year-olds, and an 18-year-old, Derrell Smith who must have a hard time making friends his own age…because dude is hanging out and enjoying acknowledgment from 12-year olds.

Well, he’s getting it, as are the rest of them now. They have all been arrested following an investigation by Baltimore Police.

These nine teens were caught on video assaulting a white man in downtown Baltimore right in the middle of broad daylight.

Their victim was walking down the street when the kids started beating on him. They continued to punch and insult him, while others had the audacity to cheer them on their abuse of the unsuspecting man.

This all took place around 5:30 pm on Tuesday night, during the height of Baltimore rush hour and it was all recorded by a witness.

The attack carried on for nearly 2 minutes, and then they stole his phone.

This wasn’t the only attack like this, there have been a series of them.

“Just assaulting for no purpose, for no rhyme, no reason an individual who’s walking. We believe that this group is responsible for those attacks as well,” says Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith.

Just 30 minutes another victim wast attacked on Guilford Avenue.

“Verbally abusing me, surrounding me and grabbing for my lunch bag. What’s in your bag? Called me some slurs. Then they surrounded me and started attacking me physically,” the victim says.

That victim says he is grateful to a witness that helped him scare off the kids and flag down officers….and now he wants nothing but justice to be served.

“People ought to be able to go to work, go home to their families without this crazy nonsense.” he says.

All nine are being charged with robbery and second-degree assault. Only Smith, the alleged ring leader, is being charged as an adult.

The youngest suspect is 12 years old and is still in elementary school.

The juveniles will be released while Smith remains in custody.

Smith says the juveniles were not being charged as adults because it was an unarmed robbery. Baltimore PD Commissioner Kevin Davis is set to go to the schools attended by these suspects to speak with all the students.

“Hopefully this is a wake-up call to parents. To know where your children are,” says Smith.

We can only hope it will be… but, I’m wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

You can watch the video below. WARNING: There is violence and strong language.

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