White Guy Learns Why Wearing Gorilla Mask At BLM Protest And Handing Out Bananas Is A BAD IDEA

A Caucasian student from East Tennessee State Univeristy named Tristan Rettke appeared at a campaign event in a rather controversial costume. He showed up at a Black Lives Matter event wearing a special outfit with a gorilla mask while handing out bananas. Clearly he had some racist aggression he wanted to let go of.

The other black students were not pleased or happy with his antics and they quickly attempted to silence him. Rettke was immediately taken into custody and arrested by police. The police rushed to help the black protesters who clearly could not handle some opposition without police reinforcement.


Why is this any different than Colin Kaepernick and other athletes protesting the national anthem?



How can the police arrest people expressing hate speech in one case but not the other? It seems like their is selective enforcement. When it comes to liberals being “attacked” they must have immediate legal enforcement. But when conservatives are upset  about the national anthem being disrespected everyone is mum on whether the protesters should be held responsible? That is simply put, liberal logic.

Showing up to a Black Lives Matter in a gorilla costume and with bananas is obviously not a smart thing to do. The insinuations of the costume and the perceived micro-aggressions alone will make those liberals go crazy. So clearly this protester was not looking for anything good to come of his protest. But, as Colin Kaepernick and others argue it is their right to do, say, and express whatever it is they like. Thus, under that logic this little gorilla suit incident is no different than what the national anthem protesters are doing. The double standard and hypocrisy is jaw dropping.

What do you think? A racist act that should be punished or just a perverse attempt at free speech and discussion?

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