White House Aide Just Dropped DISGUSTING Bomb About Barack Obama’s Trashy Private Habit He Hid

If what this recently written book says is true, then we just learned a lot about the innards of the White House during Barack Obama’s tenure as President.

A speech writer who worked for Obama reveals hilarious information in his new book that talks about everything from d*ck jokes, smoking, drinking, calling each other bro, conquests to conquer women as trophies on a shelf, constant delivery of f-bombs, obnoxious laughing, young white staff, and the notion that everything seemed like a frat party while running the country.

Much of the dirty laundry from the book was shared with The Daily Mail, and the result is a picture of the 44th president that doesn’t always match the Democrat narrative.

The Obama speechwriter all but admitted that there was a “war on women” within the Oval Office. Female staff members needed not apply, and bull sessions resembled a college fraternity party.

“David Litt, an aide in the White House for nearly all of Obama’s presidency, reveals how he was part of an all-male, all-white and all under-40 team which produced speech after speech for the president,” The Daily Mail revealed.

Obama always tried to portray a classy, well spoken, and well dressed man to the public. Regardless of what actually came out of his mouth, or his fake crying, you can’t deny that Obama did a decent job of dressing well and playing the part of President, but being President is a little bit more than dressing up and acting.

It’s not shocking to hear about Obama’s other habits that weren’t commonly seen by the general public. No one really saw how Obama REALLY was.

One shocking bit of info is the alleged war on women in which males were only accepted for certain tasks. Considering the left is so pro-women, it’s weird to see that it wasn’t that way in the confines of the White House. Why was the speech team white under 40 males? Could it be that they were just the best at writing speeches? Were the women too emotional? Were the older folks too out of touch with current trends and vocabulary? Were the white guys the only ones who even tried out for the job?

“He also reveals how the team – and other White House aides – drank, smoked, called each other ‘bro’, and liked – or pretended to like – only college basketball to please the president,” the newspaper continued. Amazingly, the frat boy antics didn’t end there. It was common for staffers within Obama’s inner circle to use women as trophies, and sexual conquests were allegedly viewed as a badge of honor. It was “painfully easy” for aides to use their White House credentials to target and seduce women, according to Litt.

If going to work was like a college party, then I can’t lie – I’d love that job. Although I’m not sure that’s the kind of atmosphere you want in the White House. Then again, if this happens after hours, then it’s fine. Now the part about using women as trophies is concerning. As a male, we all try to conquer the female body and women do the exact same thing to us. But the difference here is that it seems people were conquering each other for the wrong reasons – they didn’t like each other, they just did it for the trophy. I get it. It happens everywhere. I don’t think it’s right, but there’s nothing you can do to stop two consenting adults from having some fun in the sheets. Who does what with who isn’t really anyone’s business. Now the problem is the people who do this and brag – those people have low self esteem. If talking about hooking up with women is all you can talk about, then you need to reassess yourself.

Jokes about the male anatomy and frequent “f-bombs” were apparently not out of place in the Obama White House.

“During a run-through of his speech for the 2012 Correspondents Dinner, one member of his team made a racially-loaded joke that referenced the president’s manhood,” reported the Mail.

“The line alluded to Vice President Joe Biden’s remark that POTUS had a ‘big stick’ when it came to foreign policy. ‘Let’s put it this way, dreams aren’t the only thing I got from my father,’ speechwriter Jeff Nussbaum wrote as a joke,” continued the newspaper.

“According to Litt, ‘POTUS laughed so loudly that I secretly hoped he would add the line to the script.’ However, he explains, a ‘presidential d*** joke was a bridge too far’ during an election year and the line was scrapped.”

I see no problem with a group of guys making d*ck jokes. You put enough males in a room and our immaturity comes sometimes leaks out. Someone is always bound to make an inappropriate joke. If you’re a male and can say that you haven’t ever cracked a phallic joke, or were friends with someone who would, then I honestly think you’re a liar. It’s nearly impossible to fill a room with males and NOT have at least one sophomoric joke slip out.

It sounds like working for Obama was a blast. Not that I agree with Obama’s policies or body of work, but if you tell me my job is reminiscent of a frat party, well then I’m all in. The most important part of one’s job is to enjoy themselves while doing it. Even though Obama seemed to have some not-so-Presidential habits behind closed doors, it seems like the speech writer who wrote the book probably enjoyed his job more than ever.

It’s not very presidential behavior and probably a bad idea for the public to see this side of our White House, but we would be silly to think it’s all business all the time in the big house. People at EVERY job find a way to have fun sometimes. If you were a young speechwriter partying at work and getting paid for it, then how could you complain?

If you love your job, then you don’t ever work a day in your life.



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