White House Caliphate


Obama’s Pentagon targets Christian troops but now all of a sudden Christian troops are expected to bow down to Islamic tradition during Ramadan. The presence of Christian philosophy has always been a form of unity amongst our troops. Then came Barrack Obama, the great divider. Obama never served in the United States military. Obama neither protects or upholds his legal obligation to our Bill of Rights.

UCMJ under Article 1, Section 8 in the Bill of Rights protects Christians in the military. James Madison’s Federalist 10 defines Separation of Church and State as where the federal government has no authority to interject itself into matters as local doctrines of faith. This includes our troops. The other purpose is not allowing Congress to establish a Church of concentrated power and tyranny.

Christian service members have been an easy target after the Obama Regime brought in Michael Weinstein from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Michael Weinstein is known for his hatred towards Christians by labeling them religious gangsters and monsters. Obama’s pentagon created policies to court-martial chaplains who share the Christian faith in the military.

Obama’s tyranny prevents chaplains from helping our troops at a spiritual and psychological level. Obama does not care about the health of our troops. Examine his ridiculous rules of engagement on the battlefield. Instead of our troops receiving spiritual healing before going to battle, Obama’s rules of engagement are set in place to pack Ft Leavenworth at full capacity. Attorney General Eric Holder is doing everything in his power to free thousands non violent drug offenders in federal prisons with clemency. This would be justified if Eric Holder would free ALL our troops from Ft Leavenworth who’ve been imprisoned by Obama’s cowardly rules of engagement.

The backbone of the United States is under attack from an underlying holy war by the Obama Regime and the multiple Islamic terrorist groups it funds. The Islamic Trojan horse caliphate White House empowers Islamic terrorists to fight our American troops, while our troops hands are tied behind their backs by ridiculous liberal ROE. Obama sure does believe in equal opportunity, especially our enemy.  The nightmare continues…


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