White House Caught Secretly Meeting With Jihadist Leaders And Terrorist Supporters


The Obama Administration has been caught welcoming known jihadist leaders and terrorist supporters with open arms, and all too soon after chastising Rep. John Boehner for inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress.

Walid Sharaby and Mohammed Gamal Heshmat took to Facebook this week to celebrating meeting with “a representative of the White House,” The Algemeiner reports.

Sharaby and Heshmat are undeniably two people who the administration would not want to be caught meeting with, and the reasons are disturbing.

Sharaby was first removed from his position on “Judges for Egypt,” a judicial disciplinary committee of reformists monitoring the presidential election of Mohamed Morsi, for disrupting national security when he excitedly revealed Morsi’s win four days before the official announcement, Daily News reports.

Wanted for high treason, he was found guilty of attempting to bribe an Egyptian security officer as he was fleeing Egypt, Shoebat.com reports.

The committee was found to have ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, deemed a terrorist organization by Egypt’s government.

Sharaby openly defends terrorist organizations, saying, “I do not know why the Emirates are naming 83 Organizations as terrorist organizations? How could anyone who says ‘There is not God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah be a terrorist?’

These 83 groups for which Sharaby shows solidarity include ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban, to name a few.

Sharaby’s Facebook also contains strong support for terrorists:

“They arrest you, they kill you, they beat you, they burn you, they falsely accuse you. They prevent you access to Muslim scholars and they imprison your freedom. They know that there is a world conspiracy against you. They arrest your leader whom you have elected… And if you come out of your closet in anger, they call you extremist. But why should I not be extremist towards my religion and Islam? Is this an accusation deserving that I flee? The hell with you, you prostitutes.”

Heshmat, however, is perhaps more open about his support for jihad.

As an exiled Muslim Brotherhood member and Egyptian parliamentarian, Heshmat exclaims that “the voice of the Egyptian revolution must be loud everywhere,” supporting the terrorist group with which he is still affiliated.

His personal Facebook is also very self-incriminating, featuring him posing with Hamas Chairman Khaled Meshaal.

White House Caught Secretly Meeting With Jihadist Leaders And Terrorist Supporters

Heshmat has often shown his racist views, calling Israeli Jews “the descendants of pigs and monkeys” who fight against the “Palestine of Jihad,” according to The Algemeiner.

Further more, an article written by Heshmat poetically praises the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas:

“Or shall I tell you how this blessed movement developed the thought of resistance in record time and under the circumstances in which it was impossible to verify that these results? From throwing stones at the enemy, to stabbing him with a knife, to the sniper shot, to the IED, to martyrdom operations in the heart of the Zionist Entity, to the short-range missiles, to the long-range missiles to attack Israeli military units which made the people of Israel go into bunkers!!!”

The Obama administration’s blatant support for racist supporters of violent jihad and orchestrated terrorism is evident in its willingness to meet with such activists, even more so with the refusal of our only ally in the Middle East – Israel.

The incapability of Obama and his cabinet to even label known terrorist organizations as such is much more than a denial of their destruction; it is an alliance with their agenda.

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—Courtesy of Mad World News

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