White House Doubles Down On Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Remarks: “We Need To Be Honest With Ourselves” And “Hold Ourselves Accountable”


So Obama’s focus when talking about ISIS atrocities is on our “accountability”, apparently we’re responsible for ISIS beheading people and burning them alive.

Here’s press questioning of Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz. This is what he says AFTER he has time to think about it, knowing he will be questioned.

Via White House:

Q Can you talk about yesterday — the President got some criticism for his comments at the prayer breakfast. Was he surprised by that? And what is your response to that?

MR. SCHULTZ: I saw that commentary, Anita. I think that the President has spoken many times to his belief in American exceptionalism. And the President believes America is the greatest country on Earth not only because of our military might or economic prowess, or because we serve in a unique leadership role amongst the international community, but part and parcel to America’s standing in the world is our values, and those are values like equality, tolerance, fairness, civil rights, human rights, treating every human being with respect and decency — no matter their gender, their race, their faith, their sexual identity. Part and parcel to that and our values are holding ourselves up to our own values and our own standards.

So the President believes that when we fall short of that, we need to be honest with ourselves and look inward, and hold ourselves accountable. That’s what gives us the moral standing around the world — not just because we assert it, but because we hold ourselves accountable. So whether that’s our elected officials, whether that is a free and vibrant press, a judiciary system that’s independent — those are the values the President was talking about.

When has the Obama regime ever held themselves accountable, for anything? They run from responsibility like Brian Williams runs his mouth.

Note also why we are exceptional, according to the Obama regime. Not because of a unique ‘leadership role’ in the world, no, actually an outright denial of that. We’ve very clearly abdicated that. Nothing about rule of law because of a unique Constitution. We’re exceptional because of our amorphous “fairness”.

Why were we respected when we were the “policeman of the world”? Because people and other countries knew where we stood, knew that we lived our creed, knew we could be counted on to back up our friends, knew we stood for liberty and justice, knew that we stood against totalitarian regimes. Now the Obama regime embraces those self-same regimes in Iran and Cuba, with no regard for the “fairness” or “rights” they show their people. Meanwhile our friends, like Ukraine and Israel are left to twist in the wind.
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