White House Insider Leaks Secret Reaction Obama Admin Had On Orlando JIHAD Attack… Its DISGUSTING!

Obama is happy to politicize mass public shooting for the purpose of gun control.

The Orlando shooting was a bit different however. As Donald Trump noted, Obama appeared to be more mad at him than the shooter. I suppose he decided to change the script and politicize this to promote a Hillary Presidency instead?

According to one White House insider, the initial response to the shooting was nearly as disturbing as the act.

Conservative Tribune reports:

An individual with connections at the White House who for obvious reasons asked to remain unidentified wondered what would come out of the Orlando shooting with regard to policy changes from the Obama administration. The responses to this question were shocking, to say the least.

One senior White House official told the insider that if “shooting up 30 8-year-olds in suburban Connecticut didn’t change any minds,” a massacre of 1,000 homosexuals during Pride Week wouldn’t matter.

“(N)obody would give a f***,” the official said.

In fact, the official went on to say that the White House couldn’t even spin the story because nobody cared about a “bunch of queers,” and that it would simply be “bad politics” to try and do so.

Perhaps more damning, another White House official, also described by our contact as “senior,” added that the administration didn’t want anyone to look into the matter very closely.

Real nice. If Obama wants gays to vote Republican this November, this is how you get gays to vote Republican this November.

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