White House Hangs This Photo Of Trump Handshake, Liberals Freak Out When They Notice This 1 Detail

It would seem that a random tweet has caused a lot of distress and misinformation about President Donald Trump. But this time, it was nothing more than digitally altered his hands that were the culprit.

Apparently, the claim was that the photo hanging in The White House depicted Trump and Obama, with President Trump resting his hand on Obama’s shoulder – claiming to look ‘larger’ than the original.

Dana Schwartz works for the New York Observer, and was the woman who claimed that the image of Trump’s hand was adjusted to make it seem larger:

Schwartz tweeted out that, “Trump “100% photoshopped his hand bigger for this picture hanging in the white house, which is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen.”


This photo was claimed to have been seen in the interview that President gave with ABC News, in The White House this week.

How confident of her. She claimed “100%” on that tweet, that something was out of place with the Presidents hand… But she’s not singing that tune now because the alleged photo that she tweeted out – didn’t even show up in the interview.

Schwartz later tried to cover her tracks by deleting the tweet, but by then, it was too late for her – the twitter machine took effect and her error was spread all around social media:

WaPo’s Phillip Bump had to give the correction for the misleading tweet that had spread like wildfire:

“Unfortunately, though, the idea doesn’t hold up. If you watch the interview itself, you will quickly realize that you’re never actually shown the photo that’s hanging on the wall. As is often the case with televised depictions of still images, a full-resolution version of the photo — taken by Jack Gruber and distributed by Getty Images — has been slotted into the program. This is not a camera shot of a photo on the wall; it’s the actual photo, inserted into the video feed to show what ABC’s David Muir and Trump were discussing.”

Schwartz afterward trailed back on her first Twitter accusation, claiming it was never meant to be “verified news” and that she wasn’t the media – but that she just found the image to be ‘interesting’, and decided to share with those who followed her account.

Wow. Seems adamant, now that she was caught being sloppy. What happened to the “100%” deal?

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