The White House Has Gone Too Far – Again!

Everyone knows how far out-of-reach President Obama and his minions have gone over the last eight years. But this time, the White House has gone too far.

Today is the 75th Anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The Official Site of the Attack on Pearl Harbor lists 2402 lives were lost that morning on December 7, 1941.

Honor Flight Austin flew ten survivors of that day to Washington, D.C. to visit the White House and attend the 75th Pearl Harbor anniversary event at the WWII Memorial. And many other veterans are pausing to remember or are attending events across the country that honor that fateful day.

This past May, President Obama visited Hiroshima, one of the cities that the U.S. dropped an nuclear bomb that helped end World War II. No sitting U.S. President has ever done so. He did not apologize for our bombing of that city. However, he did express sympathy for the victims.


In return, he invited Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to visit Pear Harbor. This will be the first time for any Japanese official to make this trip.

But the White House just couldn’t keep their mouth shut. When asked how U.S. veterans might react to this visit, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest replied,

If I were a World War II veteran who was drafted by the United States military to go and fight for our country overseas in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack, I might feel quite embittered. And I think it would be a perfectly natural and understandable human reaction to not be particularly satisfied with the words of the Japanese Prime Minister.

And so, yes, there may be some who feel personally embittered. But I’m confident that many will set aside their own personal bitterness, not because they’re personally satisfied by the words of the Prime Minister, but because they recognize how important this moment is for the United States.”

Really? “Personal bitterness”? Insult those veterans who served honorably in World War II?

This was a truly dispicable and inexcusable action by the White House. They should be ashamed of themselves! And most of us can’t wait for these idiots to be gone from the White House.

As recently as last night, President-elect Donald Trump reminded us at his rally in Charlotte, North Carolina how much he respects our veterans and all of those who are currently serving our country!

And many of us can’t wait until January 20, 2017, when we will be able to say: President Donald J. Trump!

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Chuck Yarling has had many titles in his career thus far: veteran, engineer, math teacher, consultant, technical writer, book author and publisher, and triathlete. He was a member the Military Order of the Purple Heart and Bugles Across America, which plays Taps at military funerals and special events. Spec. 5 Chuck Yarling served with the 26th Combat Engineering Battalion in Vietnam as an awards clerk. His service with the U.S. Army resulted in being awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Army Commendation Medal. You may reach Chuck at [email protected]

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