White Judge Has Brutally Honest Response To Black Cop Killer – Pays SICK Price For Saying It

Last summer, there was a string of cop murders that stunned the country. It seemed that every day there was another law enforcement official being gunned down. Each story seemed more horrific than the last, however, there was one murder that has really stayed with me. The disgusting murder of San Antonio, Texas Det. Benjamin Marconi who was ambushed by Otis Tyrone McKane.

Here, let me remind you of what happened to this detective.

Marconi, 50, was issuing a traffic citation when McKane drove up in a black sedan behind Marconi’s patrol car. McKane then got out of his car and went to Marconi’s passenger side window and shot the detective in the head. After a 30-hour manhunt, McKane was eventually apprehended. The senseless death of Marconi stunned everyone in San Antonio, Texas and around the country.

Det. Benjamin Marconi

Immediately we all knew that Marconi’s uniform was the target, which begged the question? How could anyone just kill someone in cold blood? Well, obviously after such an emotional case everyone’s emotions were running high. The country, as well as law enforcement in the state of Texas, wanted justice for the fallen hero. Well, that is everyone who is not a liberal snowflake.

So, when a central Texas judge commented that it was “time for a tree and a rope” in reference to this heinous case, you would think it would be understood. Well, we all wrong for thinking that.

Judge James Oakley from Burnet County, Texas has been formally reprimanded now for this comment. Not only has he been reprimanded but Oakley has to complete a 30-hour training program for new judges and four hours of racial sensitivity training with a mentor.

Unbelievable, right?

Oakley tried to explain that his comment had nothing racially motivated behind it and that all he meant was that this case deserved the death penalty. Of course, no one believed Oakley because he is white and the criminal is black.

The “racially” insensitve remark”.

Here is more from My Statesman:

The judge received immediate backlash from many who considered the comment a reference to lynching. He issued a public apology but denied his comment had anything to do with race.

The incident, the commission noted, became a local, national and international news story. The commission received 18 written complaints about Oakley. They included complaints about the post’s racial overtones, his call for vigilante justice, his seeming disregard for legal due process and his potential tainting of a jury pool.

“Multiple Complainants also questioned Judge Oakley’s suitability for judicial office, and expressed doubts that he could perform his duties impartially,” the reprimand said.

Oakley told the commission that the “tree and a rope” reference came from Old West references to hanging, such as a 1980s humorous Pace Picante salsa advertisement that ended with the threat “get a rope” when a chef tried to substitute New York salsa for San Antonio salsa.

“My comment was intended to reflect my personal feelings that this senseless murder of a police officer should qualify for the death penalty,” Oakley told the commission. “In my mind, the race/gender of the admitted cop killer was not relevant.”

He added that his Facebook comment did not discredit the judiciary because his words were twisted and “media stories were promoted as a political attack,” according to the reprimand.

Judge Oakley (Top Left) with Texas Governor Abbot (Bottom Left) and Oakley’s wife (Right)

What Oakley commented was just the brutal truth of the entire case. For these liberal snowflakes to be upset about this comment is maddening to me. Marconi was simply doing his job when he was shot and killed all because he was wearing a police officer’s uniform. Now, he will sit in a prison cell for years while taxpayers foot the bill. There is no reason that anyone who commits these types of crimes should not be executed immediately.

In fact, currently, there are 2 states in America that use hanging as a form of execution. So, is it really racially insensitive libtards? No, it really isn’t.

This judge just stated his own personal opinion, and I agree with it. Maybe, if the wheels of justice were not so slow people would not be as frustrated. We are tired of seeing criminals coddled while the real victims and their families suffer.

What do you think about Judge Oakley’s comment? Do you think he should have to be punished for it? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T [ Daily Mail ]

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