White Libtard ‘Allies’ Try To Stage Black Lives Matter Day Of Rage, Fail Miserably (VIDEO)


Well, it looks like the Day of Rage that Black Lives Matter and Anonymous staged across the nation in numerous cities was mostly a big fat fail. Libtards whipped up fear and outrage only to have no one show up in many places. Lame.

Police departments nationwide braced themselves for violent protests. 36 cities were scheduled to participate in the ginned up response to the killings of two black men, one in Louisiana and one in Minnesota, by police officers. Both shootings are thought to be justified, but facts are still emerging in those cases. The anticipated outpouring of rage and anger never really materialized. It was a big ole meh moment.

From DownTrend:

In Portland, Black Lives Matter ‘Day of Rage’ failed miserably after a bunch of white people showed up as allies and tried to look all hip and “race aware.

Here is one video from the laughable attempt at a libtard protest from Denver.

RT reported:

New York City was an empty scene for the Day of Rage. Instead, a #BashBack contingent of protesters, LGBT activists, took to the streets of New York City in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter, at one point chanting, “Stonewall was a riot, queers don’t deny it.”

About 30 protesters rallied outside The Stonewall Inn, the first national monument dedicated to LGBT rights. They then marched to the LGBT community center on 13th Street. If racism and cop-hatred won’t cut it, then go for the gays.

Our enemies must be laughing themselves sick right about now.

RT continued:

There was also no Day of Rage protest happening in South Los Angeles’ Leimert Park, as was promoted. There were some protesters in Oakland, but again, it was pretty much weak. In Portland, thugs tried to block traffic and failed miserably.

The Dallas police went on high alert after the cold-blooded murder of five officers there by a Black Lives Matter activist.

Local businesses near Lafayette Square in New Orleans advised employees to go home early to avoid any trouble and the New Orleans Police Department spokeswoman Dawne Massey said officers would respond if a protest materialized – they needn’t have bothered.

The DOD also took the matter seriously and issued a “threat advisory” this week “informing DOD personnel that a series of protests has been scheduled to be conducted across the United States on July 15, 2016,” the New York Post reported.

In response to the announcement listing the St. Louis Arch as another protest site, the Scott Air Force Base in Illinois recommended “all SAFB personnel to avoid the Arch during this time due to potential protests and criminal activity,” in a post on its Facebook page.

Time after time after time, no one showed up. The Day of Rage was a Day of Nothing pretty much.


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