Two White Men Doused With Gasoline, Set On FIRE By Blacks – Media CENSORED (VIDEO)

Update: Buzzfeed has deemed that our description of the crime and the victims is false. We have utterly debunked Buzzfeed’s claims. You can view our followup article here.


You can’t make this stuff up. People used to tell crazy stories, but have no way to prove if the story was true or not.

Then along came video.

This is by far one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. These guys are out in the middle of the street and it looks like there was supposed to be a fight of some sort. Because you know how fights are, they’re even better when they’re in the middle of a major road.

Out of nowhere someone lights them on fire.


And they’re still in the middle of the road, running around like crazy where they may get hit by a car.

Nothing but absolute chaos and easily one of the most disturbing things I’ve watched since the Casey Anthony trial.

What goes through someone’s deplorable brain when they’re thinking – well right about now is a great time to light these guys on fire. Yup, let’s just toss this cocktail over on them and watch the men burn.

Who carries the items needed for a good Molotov cocktail anyway? Was this premeditated? It’s not like I have the items needed for a good cocktail laying around unless it’s a Bloody Mary on a Sunday morning.

Back in the day, when people were a lot smarter and America was great, this would have been a lot different.

If you see two people about to fight and they’re in the street, then the good people will make sure that the people fighting aren’t getting hit by a car. The good people used to make sure it was a fair fight and would stop the fight when it got out of hand.

That was when people were a lot smarter and had more human nature to them.

Nowadays everyone whips out the cell phone and let’s a slightly bad situation turn into the worst possible situation just so they can grab a viral video out of it.

No one cares anymore.

Time to start caring about people and stop lighting them on fire.

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