White Teen Mom Murdered After Refusing Black Thug’s Sexual Advances — Just Got MASSIVE Dose of Justice!

Black Thug's

A man was sentenced to life in prison last Friday after being convicted of first-degree murder in the dead of a woman he fatally shot.

She was 24-year old Amy Hallmon who died June 1, 2013, around 1:30 am after she refused to have sex with convicted the convicted killer who is known as Antonio Benson, a 32-year-old black man.

An argument broke out after she refused his advances for sex. The victim in her defense then hit Benson in the nose at which point he pulled out a gun and told her “I feel sorry for your kids.”

Hallmon was shot in the chest, in her shoulder, and in the face then dragged outside the house where he left her in a pile of debris.

There as she lay dead on the pile he shot her two more times in the back.

Yes. She was dead on a pile of debris because she refused to have sex with him, and he shot her two more times in the back.

This man is a monster.

He told her he feels sorry for her kids right before he shot her in cold blood several times…

There are no words to describe the kind of scum he is, and the most frustrating part is nothing that is done to him will ever bring her back or make his wrong right.

A life is lost, and for what? Not only is it lost but in a such a brutal way.


Here’s the news report on what went down that fateful night.

As if this doesn’t sound awful enough, this couple had only known each other for four months before he brutally killed her and dragged her body outside like trash.

4 months…

This man deserves nothing more than to spend the rest of his life in prison, with no chance of parole while he waits for his turn on death row.

If that day were to ever come, it still wouldn’t bring her back, but it would send him to his maker for judgment.

That’s when justice will truly be served.

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