WHITE NO GO ZONES: Elderly Man Runs Into A Group Of Black Lives Thugs, Watch What Happens Next (VIDEO)

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Here’s what happens when a group of racist Black Lives Matter protesters have nothing better to do. Instead of going to work, being with their family, or having a fun time with friends, these degenerates are busy protesting and blocking all white people from using a public sidewalk. You know, it is possible that they let everyone walk on the sidewalk and still protest their message. Things can be done that make everyone happy. But no. That’s not what these millennial dolts want.

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It’s fine if you want to protest, but don’t block anyone’s path of travel. Any point you were trying to make with your protest is no longer important to me once I cannot travel.

This ELDERLY man has nothing to do with anything these dykish grunts are protesting for. He is just an old man walking and trying to get by, but what happens next is a repulsive display of inhumane nonsense.

This is what happens when pudgy truffle-butter millennials can’t find jobs and they’re brainwashed by the mainstream media to think everything is racist. Here’s a group of actual racists blocking an elderly man from walking because he is white. The protesters only let people by if they were black. This isn’t the segregation years anymore. Everyone is allowed to walk on the sidewalk. By not letting white people walk by, that makes the protesters legitimately racist. They clearly don’t like white people, and no one says they have to, but they should not block pedestrians from blocking a public sidewalk. It’s lame and repulsive behavior.

If this isn’t disgusting to you, then you’re the problem.

The Blaze – As Black Lives Matter protesters blocked streets and sidewalks in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, one exchange between an elderly man and protesters was caught on video near Union Station.

The man wanted to walk down a sidewalk on his way to work, WTTG-TV reported, but Black Lives Matter protesters were blocking it and wouldn’t let him through.

Now just like everything, there is always another side of the story.

This man could have walked on the other side of the street or avoided the protesters.

I would have used the other side. I don’t have time to bicker with protesters. There’s no talking sense into any of those dense brains. You can’t talk intelligence into people.

A smart person would see this and think, “nope, don’t care, I’m walking over there” and ignore the sheep as they herd along bahhhhh’ing at everyone who could care less.

Now if a protester is blocking the ROAD, then that’s a different story. Vroom Vroom is all you’ll hear.

Protesters blocking the road get run over sometimes. It happens. Sometimes your foot just can’t get off the pedal. It’s not right to do, but the other side of the story is that people shouldn’t be standing on the freeway.

If a group of white 20-year-olds did this, not only would they be stupid kids, but they’d also be labeled as a racist and some urban community would start a riot, burn down a CVS, loot a 7-11, and tip some white people cars over.

Two way streets exists so we can all walk down either path. Stop causing separation and divide with lame-o racist protests and we will survive together.

This protest is an embarrassment to the black community.

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