White People HUNTED For Beatdowns During Milwaukee Race Riots (VIDEO)

There was racism to be found in Milwaukee, but not there those in the Black Lives Matter crowd want it to exist.

Normally, you wouldn’t have thought this particular police shooting would’ve generated the kind of riots that we saw in Ferguson. A black man was shot by police…. but he was armed – and shot by another black man. That doesn’t mean you could find racism all throughout the city though.

Crowds of “Black Lives Matter” rioters chanted “black power” as they targeted white individuals for violence in Milwaukee during protests, which you can see in video posted of the riots.

“Yeah they white!” one says, prompting a number of people to rush towards a vehicle.Another chimes in; “Yeah they white, get their a–!”
“Hey they beatin’ up every white person!” exclaims another rioter. “He white – beat his head – b-tch!”

Yeah – because nothing is going to fight racism like targeting people for nothing other than the color of their skin…. because the actions of a black police officer!

The footage also appeared to show the mob attacking cars and trying to drag out the drivers.

In another clip, rioters are seen burning down a gas station while chanting “black power!” – because nothing sticks it to the man than burning down, what is in all liklihood, a black owned business.

Let’s make this clear: nobody in the Black Lives Matter movement cares about police brutality. They’re looking for any excuse they can to riot, and the riots in Milwaukee are exhibit A in me claiming this.

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