White Police Chief Loses It and Tells the Blunt TRUTH About Black Crime [VIDEO]

Supporters of criminal justice and sentencing “reform” tell us that prisons are overloaded with minority inmates, proving that the criminal justice system is racist. President Obama talks about it repeatedly, as do the sponsors of legislation pending in Congress which would retroactively reduce mandatory minimum sentences for drug traffickers and other violent felons.

But are they right?

Because minorities – blacks and Hispanics specifically – make up a disproportionate part of the prison population, their reasoning goes, it must be the police, prosecutors, judges, and juries whose innate racism prohibits minorities from fair treatment, resulting in their incarceration. They’re suspiciously quiet about the under-representation of other minority groups, like Indians or Asians.

Liberal politicians, pandering to minority voters, echo these sentiments, as do the mainstream media in story after story about the awful racist criminal justice system. They never admit that the reason certain races are over and underrepresented in the prison system is that people of different races commit crimes at different rates, on average.

It’s something movements like Black Lives Matter never talk about. They bemoan the problem of police violence against black lives, yet ignore the 90%+ of black lives that are lost to other blacks. It’s about time someone spoke the truth.

As the Conservative Tribune reported:

Police Chief Edward Flynn has had enough.

Recently, the chief of Milwaukee’s law enforcement agency came under attack by black activists.

The activists accused Flynn of not taking a recent officer-involved shooting seriously.

That shooting ended with a black man named Donte Hamilton dead. The officer was defending himself from a potentially deadly attack by the deranged Hamilton, who had taken a police baton and violently assaulted the responding officer.

As in Ferguson, groups very quickly accused white officers of being racist and of targeting blacks for no reason.

At a police commission meeting related to that shooting, protesters began disrupting the group and shouting anti-police phrases at officers.

They also singled out Chief Flynn as being uncaring and mocked him for being on his cell phone during part of the meeting.

There was only one problem: Flynn was actually on his phone being notified about a drive-by shooting that was carried out by a black gang, which took the life of a 5-year-old girl.

When a reporter outside the meeting brought up the phone call as a way to belittle Chief Flynn, he took it personally — and unleashed a verbal thrashing on the gathered crowd.

That should shut these idiots up.

If groups like BLM really want their communities to be safer, they need more police, not less. When they speak of “police reform,” what they’re really asking for is fewer police.

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