White Reporter Will No Longer Cover Milwaukee Protests Because It’s Not Safe For Him To Be There

Can someone explain how the Milwaukee protests even remotely make sense?

A black police officer shoots an armed black suspect – and white people need to be punished for it? I can’t say it makes much sense, but that’s exactly what’s happening. There’s video footage of rioters chanting “black power” as a gas station burns, targeting white people for beat downs, and one young white man was shot in the neck – yet that’s a hate crime the media seems all too happy to ignore.

In fact, the only racism present in Milwaukee isn’t white on black, it’s black on white. You’re not going to hear much more about that though – as white journalists aren’t able to go to Milwaukee to record it out of fear of their own safety.

Via Chicks on the Right

A freelance reporter named Tim Pool, who typically covers things like riots and protests, posted a video saying that he will not be covering the riots and protests in Milwaukee because he’s “perceivably white” and it’s not safe for anyone with a melanin deficiency – whether they’re press or otherwise. And Pool says “perceivably white,” because he himself has Korean ancestry, so technically, he’s a minority. But I guess the rioters aren’t asking light-skinned people about their family trees before targeting them for violence.

This is happening because the Milwaukee protestors don’t care about police brutality. Those in the Black Lives Matter (and affiliated) movements never truly cared about police brutality – it was just a trojan horse for them to enter the public dialogue. Now we see what they really want, and hopefully the American public distances themselves from this nonsense once and for all.

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