White Snowflake Caught On Camera Ripping Down Blue Ribbons Supporting Police In Name Of ‘Black Lives’

If I had to rank the top ten losers, then this guy would be at least number five. There are definitely worse people than this, but this guy is the poster-child of a 100% complete loser.

Or did we not see him in his final form?

Here’s a precious snowflake looking hipster who wasn’t hugged as a child. He’s caught ripping down blue ribbons that support the violence against cops. He’s a scrawny white clown running around yelling “black lives matter” like he’s filing a viral video for YouTube. Well he sure went viral alright as he looks like an IDIOT to the entire planet.

Apparently he’s been getting harassed on social media for it too. That’s funny. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

THE BLAZE – “All lives are not being persecuted right now! Black lives are!” Stephen Varvaro of Staten Island said as he tore down blue ribbons from trees and utility poles while shouting at the man who stopped to record the incident Tuesday, WCBS-TV reported.

Once the video was online, it didn’t take long for others to recognize him. What followed was a public shaming so severe that even Varvaro’s former employer, Ted & Co Salon, wasn’t off limits. The Staten Island Advance reported that it’s been three years since Varvarro has worked at the salon, but that didn’t stop social media users from going on the business’ Facebook page, calling on customers to boycott.

all lives matter

I would’ve loved to watch someone choke slam this clown who keeps spreading hate instead of love. Then right after he would call the police and they would still come save him, because police save everyone who calls. Police don’t discriminate on color, religion, or sex – they’ll save you no matter what because they are the good guys.

If he needs a hug, then I’ll give him one. But it’s not cool to disrespect police when they’re the ones risking their lives to save us from the stupid things we do or the bad things that happen to us.

I hope the fellow in this video learned his lesson and will show respect to police. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but this video of him shows a side that no one likes.

Let’s hope we all learn something from this, and that’s all lives matter.

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