White Teen Girls Savagely Beaten, BLM Thug Who Did It Made BIG Mistake


Two girls were out with their mother enjoying a meal at a restaurant in Stockton, California. When they were done their meal, they left the restaurant and that’s when things went horribly south.

The two teen girls, both about 100 lbs each, and their Mother encountered a group of terrible people.

It was a group of Black Lives Matter supporters.


The group approached the three girls, beat them with punches and kicks, threw trash at them, screamed racist taunts about white people, and hurt them so badly that police had to rush the three girls to the hospital.

What did these three girls have to do with anything? They were minding their own business enjoying some family time. Maybe if the losers in Black Lives Matter had a better family life at home, then they wouldn’t be so screwed up. Black moms often have 5+ kids and don’t really take care of any of them. The black dads are often nowhere to be found. What kind of life is that? And no, it’s not racist to say that. It’s a FACT, not a stereotype. Take a walk through any urban neighborhood and ask these “mothers” why they have multiple kids, no job, and half the kids have a different last name. Screwed up, right?

One of the Black LIES Thug attackers proved just how stupid these people are. This idiot bragged about the attack and how he got his “hits” in. He supposedly had a video too! When people found out what he did, they crucified him on Facebook so bad that his account isn’t available anymore. Maybe he closed it down and went into hiding. As of right now, I don’t believe he was arrested yet. If you’re in Northern California and see this guy, then call the police and show them this article.

He most likely lives in or around the Stockton, California area. His picture is below on the left. He’s the scrawny Latino looking loser who would’ve probably been beaten up by the teen girls if he didn’t have a gang with him.


Black Lives Matter is a racist terror group. They have not done anything positive for the black community. All they do is beat people up, protest in the middle of the street, loot and riot, and cause chaos.

No one will ever take Black Lives Matter serious until they start acting like civil human beings. They’re a scummy joke of fatherless losers, unemployed skanks, and uneducated violent thieves.

Every member of Black Lives Matter should reevaluate their life and ask themselves “why am I part of this terrible hate group?”

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