White Waitress FIRED After DISGUSTING Thing Black Diners Wrote On Receipt – Look What It Said

A white waitress working at Montego’s Cafe in Mobile, Alabama was simply trying to make ends meet serving tables when she abruptly found herself out of a job. A group of black female diners came in who she helped throughout a seemingly pleasant dinner and never suspecting anything wrong until they got up and left after the last bite and she saw three things they wrote on their tab. Considering she had done nothing wrong, the server got a heaping dose of insult to injury when her boss found out about it and fired the hard worker for something someone else wrote.

While salty messages have become increasingly more popular on receipts and restaurant tabs, from either irritated employees or disgruntled customers, this was a much different case with a disturbing outcome. Normally, hateful notes left for strangers are either fabricated for attention to push perceived racism and nobody gets reprimanded for it. However, in this situation, the waitress wasn’t in the wrong and the disgusting customers who were got rewarded for the sick thing they did, while the white girl was given the ultimate punishment.

According to WKRG, a group of women came in for dinner and admitted to being satisfied with their service for the unnamed white waitress. “Dinner was great! Dinner was fine, she come up, she took our drinks, she took our food order. She came back, she delivered our food and that was basically it,” one of the customers in question told the news station but did not want to be identified presumably because of what happened next.

Despite sounding like the experience was great, what they wrote on the receipt proved something else entirely. The waitress was shocked when she returned to their table after they women left and saw three zeros where the tip was normally supposed to go, on their otherwise small bill. The food total had come to just $20.85 but perhaps because of being cheap, having no respect for others, or maybe even sneaky reparations, these women couldn’t throw their server a measly $3-$4 tip which would have been a modest gratuity of 15-20%.

Confused and rightfully upset about being stiffed for her services, the waitress posted a picture of the receipt to social media after her shift with the caption, “This is why no one wants to wait on black people.” While she did make a generalization about a race, based on her experience and personal observation she was saying this simply as a fact. However, when the women somehow came across the post – perhaps because they were searching for a negative reaction – things took an alarming turn.

It’s strange that at least one of these women happened to come across this server’s Facebook post, but when they did, they took full advantage of the situation. This seems a little like the customers were setting the woman up so they could cry racism, which they did with a pretty exaggerated sob story.

“I was angry because it’s a racial thing and I felt like my name was being slandered,” one of the women in the group said, after seeing the post, despite not leaving a tip. They then took it a step further by trying to claim they left a cash tip when some rather inconvenient details for them came out.

“We did leave a tip. We left a cash tip so it really outraged me to actually experience racism one-on-one because I’ve never actually experienced racism one-on-one,” the women insisted. Unfortunately, the were later forced to admit that “they’re not sure if someone took their cash tip from the table before the server could see it, but they say that does not excuse this behavior,” WKRG reported. In other words, there was no tip, it just sounded good with their complaint which apparently worked anyway.

With inflated egos and probably a need for attention and sympathy, the cheapskate diners called up Montego’s corporate office to complain. Without hesitation, the waitress was fired because as we’ve all seen the squeaky wheel screaming racism, gets the grease. Feeling vindicated, the women told the news station that they were very happy with the outcome of this situation since that’s what it was probably all about in the first place.

This waitress relies on tips and people’s generosity to get paid and did a good job to earn it, but got her income source ripped from her because these ungrateful women said the magic word. This server simply told the truth in a post on her personal Facebook account after the customers were actually racist, but got fired for it anyway because she’s white and therefore wrong by default.

h/t: [Downtrend]

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