White Woman Randomly Shot and Killed by Oakland Thug (VIDEO)


An black male from Oakland, went to the white enclave of El Dorado Hills, and shot a white female at random killing her. The victim,  Khrista Ibarolle, was leaving a pub. The perp then tried to flee in the victim’s car, but wrecked it.

The victim was celebrating her birthday.

Oakland has been ground zero for black on white murder since the Zebra Killings of the 1970s. They just keep coming and coming.

Last month, two black males killed a famous “Anti-Racist” author as he was hiking at a park in Oakland. The victim even wrote for the far-left SPLC, which hypes a fictional narrative that blacks should fear violence from white people.

Oakland was also the scene of violence against whites during rioting over Trayvon Martin.

—Courtesy of Top Conservative News

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