Whoa! Look What Elementary School Did To Muslim Mom Who Just Tried To Take Over School Lunch

While campuses across the country are tripping over themselves to cater to Islam, one U.S. elementary school isn’t bending over backwards to bow down to the religion, especially since making accommodations isn’t mutual. In a bold way that’s not been seen before, administrators made a move against a Muslim mom who tried to take over school lunch and was met with a surprise she didn’t see coming. Now, the entire Islamic community in the state is likely enraged at the rude awakening that America isn’t theirs for the taking anymore under a new leader who has given the power back to the people.

Muslims everywhere in our country have enjoyed the apology tour for too long and are waltzing into wherever they please with entitlement that everyone will cater to their demands under the fear of retaliation or claim of racism, but are now unexpectedly facing the nasty reality that’s long overdue. Welcome to the country under President Donald Trump, where things are much different than the were just a year ago now that we don’t have a Muslim apologist in office.

The mother of a girl who attends a public school in Tucson, Arizona must not have gotten the memo that her state isn’t treating Muslims any different than other citizens anymore. They’ve used threats and retaliation for too long and now it’s backfiring, as the mother, who unsurprisingly didn’t want her face shown and to only be identified as “Nancy,” found out the hard way. She went to throw her weight around at the school and got something perfectly unexpected in return upon waging war on school lunch that didn’t serve halal-approved food in keeping with her religion.

Rather than packing her child a home lunch daily like countless of Americans do, Nancy wanted to impose her religious restrictions on the Amphitheater Unified School District, specifically, Holaway Elementary School where her daughter attends. The school is happy to make exceptions for dietary restrictions when it’s for health, not religious, concerns considering there’s a life and death situation at hand in allergy cases. Nancy lumped her Islamic beliefs into the latter and managed to get her daughter a doctor’s note to say she needed to be fed a special menu with religious reason cited as the excuse. Nancy can thank her liberal supporters for her religious note being ignored since they demanded a separation of church and state. Luckily, in Arizona, that even applies to Islam, which isn’t typically the case.

“I want my religion to matter to you guys,” Nancy told the school. “My daughter shouldn’t have to go to school and be fearful of what’s she’s eating,” she added, according to Tucson News Now. However, her claim that the kid is fearful of what she’s eating doesn’t hold much weight since it’s doubtful that she’s taught her child too much about what’s halal and what’s not considering she had willingly eaten a cheeseburger. When Nancy found out about it she was irate, but should have looked in the mirror when searching for who was responsible. Perhaps instead, she saw an opportunity and tried to take it.

“The lunch lady was like, ‘No, too bad. Just pick it off.’ Picking it off doesn’t work because it’s in the hamburger,” Nancy explained to the news outlet, yet her daughter allegedly ate it anyway without realizing the issue until her mother asked her about her lunch and made a big issue of it. Nancy immediately went to the school and demanded to know why they went against her doctor’s note that she couldn’t eat pork.

“The principal had said because she didn’t wear the traditional clothes and because she’s just a white girl that was going there she didn’t fit that normal stereotype of being Muslim – so it wasn’t obvious for them to follow the guidelines for her,” According to Nancy’s account of the response. However, the district replied with a perfect explanation as to the expectations, which were hard for this entitled Muslim mom to swallow since it forced her to take responsibility in the smallest sense.

In an announcement put out by a district spokesperson, the school clearly stated that they are happy to help parents provide their children with their nutritional needs under one condition — that the parents educate their kids on what they can and cannot eat, as most often do with food allergies, even in kids as young as second grade, which is Nancy’s child’s age. Clearly, this mom didn’t hold up her end of the bargain and if her child ate non-halal food, it’s her fault.

It’s not the district’s responsibility to inform everyone on Islamic practices. If Nancy’s religion was really as important as she claims, she would have taught her daughter what she can and cannot eat in keeping with their beliefs. Instead, she’s threatened to sue the school for not feeding her daughter the foods she should be eating, rather than packing her lunch herself to ensure it and complaining instead.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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