WHOA! Look What Just Came Out About 2 ‘Missing’ Minutes Of Shooting That Muslim Cop Tried To Hide

While the Minnesota Muslim cop who shot and killed a white woman still remains as a free man, the investigation into what happened Sunday night just turned up something sick. In the course of combing through the timeline of those horrific minutes to determine if Officer Mohamed Noor is innocent as he says he is or will face prison time for his crime, authorities came across two crucial minutes in Justin Damond’s death that the Somali cop had tried to hide.

The original account of the events leading up to Damond’s death was that she had come up to the driver side of the patrol car driven by Officer Matthew Harrity to explain what she had witnessed regarding an assault. Noor was in the passenger seat and while the pajama-clad Damond was calmly talking, he reached across his partner and shot her in the abdomen. There was question about a cell phone in her hand found near her body after as having been confused for a weapon. Another account from Noor’s “stunned” partner on the scene came out after, but it’s the revelation of a specific two crucial minutes, which is now the most important to this horrifying story and Noor’s fate.

About 36-hours after the original report, Harrity broke his silence on what he said really happened, which was that Damond was walking toward the car when she was shot as a response to Noor being startled by a loud noise. The Somali cop with a sordid past had immediately assumed the noise was a gunshot, provocating his response. It had actually turned out to be nearby aerial fireworks, but by the time that was realized Damond was already dead. Now Noor is refusing to comply with authorities after being asked about a couple minutes missing from the timeline of the shooting.

Despite being an officer, Noor had found himself on the wrong end of the law in the last couple of years with multiple complaints being filed against him. He still kept his badge and position without any recourse to the complaints. Now that he’s not getting away with his actions, he’s refusing to talk to authorities about what happened Sunday night, specifically when investigators questioned what happened between 11:39 and 11:41. His defiance seems to show some level of guilt since most innocent people would want to defend themselves, rather than not cooperating at all, as Noor is doing.

“The incident is causing public outcry, but Noor told the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension that he will not provide an interview about the incident,” Dennis Michael Lynch reported. “His body cam was also turned off during the shooting at Damond’s residence.”

The calls into the station from the officers’ radios seem to reveal something that certainly doesn’t look good for Noor.

Pamela Geller provided the timeline as follows:

11.39pm: Police arrive. A squad car, driven by officer Matthew Harrity with officer Mohamed Noor in the passenger seat, arrive at the address. The officers report on police radio the incident is a “Code four”, meaning no back up is required.

11.41pm: Shooting reported. The situation has completely changed. Officers call for back up requesting a police, fire and emergency response. The incident report notes at this time: “ONE DOWN… STARTING CPR.”

Police radio transcript from the time shows officers reported: “Shots fired at Washburn and 53rd Street. Correction 51st. Sergeant to acknowledge shots fired and one down at Washburn.”

11.46pm: Police radio in to confirm there are “no suspects at large”.

In the two “missing” minutes in this timeline that Noor is trying to hide with what seems like lies, is likely the reality of what happened. He’s telling his friends, not authorities, that he accidentally shot his gun at the sound of a loud noise. This “Barney Fife” is either completely untrained in trigger discipline and basic weapons handling, or acted with a motive in mind that he’s not wanting to come out. Considering that he has three violent claims against him already for which he was never punished for, then perhaps he thought this would just be number four that would be forgiven and forgotten.

Minnesota’s crackpot mayor, Betsy Hodges, has already taken a stand for his defense by stating that she’s with “our Somali community.” “We can’t compound the tragedy of Justine Damond’s death by turning to racism,” she said on Twitter in the wake of this horrific act.

Nobody seems to have a problem with racism when a white cop shoots a black thug in the commission of a crime but cries about this when an innocent woman in her pajamas is killed by a Muslim officer. The double standard runs disgustingly deep and Justine Damond deserves justice. Noor better start talking or his silence should serve as an admission of guilt of an intentional crime committed against another woman in his long list of offenses against females. His only defense of his actions is that he was just following his religion of Islam when committing these atrocities.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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