WHOA! Megyn Kelly Destroys Black Panther Who Tries To Excuse Violence Against Cops On Live TV

Megyn Kelly took on former Black Panther Leader who tried to excuse violence against Police Officers. She didn’t hesitate to use truth as her choice of weapon against his ridiculous way of thinking.

His name is Malik Shabazz, and the man is bad…BAD news. He was recently called out on previous statements he made, implying the Dallas Police Killer was a hero. That is exactly where Kelly decided to begin her interview. She’s a beast!

As I’m sure you already know, the exchange did not go all too smoothly.

HOWEVER- Megyn does not disappoint. She was fearless and prepared to let the truth CUT where it stood. There’s something to say for that kind of courage.

It appears in the beginning that Kelly did plan on making an effort to create a space for an open, civilized dialogue. However, as in most cases, having to deal with ‘stupid’ is not very effective. You just get dragged down to their world and beat by their experience in it.

This guy…was dead set on playing the race card. Even when it was way beyond reach of logic.


The great thing though? Kelly was dead set on NOT backing down and it was obvious that she wasn’t going to let him get away with being so ignorant. At least, not without her dropping the hammer of truth on him first.

So that’s EXACTLY what she did, and did like a BOSS!

From Daily Wire:

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly completely destroyed former New Black Panther party leader Malik Shabazz in a highly-contentious interview over police shootings.

Kelly began the interview by asking Shabazz why he felt that some people viewed Micah X. Johnson, who murdered five police officers in Dallas, TX, as a “hero.” Shabazz denied saying it, and then began citing a laundry list of blacks killed by police officers.

Yep, she opened up with putting him on the spot to explain how he could dare call the police killer a hero. Then he dared to try and deny it…at first. He then proceeded to launch himself into what was clearly rehearsed dialogue about blacks being shot by police officers on a… “REGULAR BASIS” !!!!


Then the asshat says “Let’s take it back to Michael Brown…”

Just like all others, he’s not there to talk about change or have a discussion. He is only there to talk about why everyone should feel sorry for their movement, lay down and take whatever abuse they want to dish out.

Hell to the no.


Here, check out the video…

Man..love or hate Megyn Kelly. You have to admit, the woman can put down some serious truth in a way that SHUTS people down!

It has to be frustrating to speak with people that don’t give a flying FLIP what is right, because they are too focused on making it seem THEY are right.

Thanks Obama, for raising up an army of idiots, that all of the sudden feel empowered to terrorize our Police Officers and spread hate on them and white people…because of YOU!

This, Obama’s America, is coming to an end soon, and his minions are getting louder and more nervy as the end of his reign comes to a close. They know…their support from the White House is about to be SQUASHED!

Until then…we endure.

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