Whole Foods In Hot Water For Standing Up Against Muslims Demands

It’s one thing to accommodate someone’s religion modestly in the work place… it’s quite another to grovel before them over it. Whole Foods is having none of that concerning Islam. It’s ridiculous to stop work five times a day for prayer, to install foot baths and prayer rooms all over the place. Robert Greene, a devout practicing Muslim, has now sued Whole Foods claiming he was terminated because he is Muslim. His job required he work rather than pray and he was let go over it. That’s not religious persecution, it’s business survival.

Muslims are using their religion as a weapon to force employers to submit to them. While that may work in Europe, it’s not likely to work here in the United States. Halal food is now a $20 billion industry here in the States. But that’s business, not submission. This guy wants back pay plus damages. I hope a judge tells him to get stuffed.

From US Herald:

Muslims are required to pray five times a day on a strictly set schedule that doesn’t easily lend itself to the workday in most jobs, so when Robert Greene, a practicing Muslim was faced with a choice between praying or working – he didn’t look for a different job or excuse himself for a brief prayer.

He sued his employer in federal court.

Greene claims Whole Foods discriminated against him because of his religion, alleging that his manager once told him, “This is not a mosque,” before terminating him from his job.

He is trying to collect back pay, as well as damages against the national natural foods grocery store to punish it for violating his civil rights.

Isn’t it odd that this hasn’t been an issue for Jewish, Lutheran, Catholic, Buddhist, Mormon, Baptist or other employees who manage to hold down a job and be true to their faith?

Of course, the leftist media is spinning it as religious persecution. Instead of assimilating into American culture, Greene is doing his best to impose his religion and culture on Americans. No thanks. He says he complained to upper management at Whole Foods, but that nothing was done. He adds that the bad treatment increased after he complained and he was soon terminated.

This lawsuit started two years ago and is still in the courts. Greene is far from alone. There are now many cases in American courts where Muslims are suing on religious grounds. It’s called legal Jihad or lawfare and it is meant to force a country into complying with the wishes of Islam and the Ummah. This is why I say that Islam is a political construct wrapped in a religion. This is war and one can only hope it is one we will win.


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