WHOOPI Just Made BIGGEST Mistake Of Her Life – Attacked Slain US Soldier & Widow—Gets INSTANT KARMA!

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most well known members of the show The View. She is also known as one of the loudest-mouthed, opinionated, and liberal members of the show. She never ceases to take the chance to put the President down and talk down to him.

This time she took it to far when she insulted the widow of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens who died in the line of duty on a raid in Yemen. His wife was honored at Trumps first joint session speech before Congress. In the most poignant moment of the night, she sobbed as Trump honored her husband and she received a standing ovation.

Look at Goldberg’s response below and the responses of those who were disgusted by her antics and statements,


Goldberg wouldn’t know what it is like to grieve because she has never lost a spouse. To pass judgmental comments about someone’s grieving process is disgusting. Democrats are painted as the tolerant, accepting, and empathetic party. But her comments are far from empathetic. In fact, they are the worst of the worst.

Nobody was left with a dry eye after watching her grief on full display. Goldberg and her counterparts would do well to take a page from Owens book who found the strength to show up for her husband when he could no longer show up for himself. This is the struggle so many deal with on a daily basis that most will never understand. The struggle of military and veteran families.

It is because of their sacrifices we are safe with our families and inside our comfortable homes. Instead of criticizing her people should be adulating her. It just goes to show the classless and gross way Democrats conduct themselves and the wildly hypocritical double standard they hold.

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