Whoopi is DONE! Watch Her Lose All Sanity When She Attacks Trump’s ‘New Guy’

And The View Yentas strike again….

During a media briefing last Tuesday, Press Secretary Spicer treated April Ryan, a veteran leftist journalist, like the leftist partisan hack that she is. Because we all know the left has nothing else to grab on to she asked about the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. He defiantly insisted it’s a non-story while Ryan shook her head in disagreement. Spicer then proceeded to tell her to “Stop shaking your head.”

Whoopi was quick to point out that Trump himself “doesn’t appear to have any skin,” and even said the president should “grow a pair.” Of course, she never said anything even remotely close to that about President Barack Hussein Obama. Because you know, First Black President and all.

Jedediah Bila weakly tried to defend Spicer, “His job is to defend Donald Trump right now, and that’s a terrible position to be in. As a journalist, my advice would be to not have thin skin and toughen up. You have a right to fight back. Be pushy back.”

Of course the so called journalist, April Ryan, never asked Secretary of State Hillary “Cackles” Clinton why she sold uranium to Russia. Or why her Sexual Predator husband President Bill Clinton received twice his going rate for a speech he gave while visiting Russia. These sound an awful lot like payoffs of some type, doesn’t it?

Why is The View still on? Who watches it other than the welfare crowd who have nothing else to do but sit on their rear ends and watch TV all day? Never mind being online cause that takes a minimal effort. At least no one can say they don’t cater to their target audience. Anyone who would think Joy, not very joyous if you think about it, and Whoopi, what kind of name is “Whoopi” anyways?, are mildly entertaining has apparently been through multiple lobotomies or just suffer from an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Ted Danson what were you thinking????

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