Whoopi: ‘We’re Bored’ With Benghazi And Clinton ‘Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’

Not many people watch “The View” these days, and for good reason: it’s a ridiculous show where a group of liberal wackjob celebrities sit together and parrot their favorite leftist talking points. Naturally, they’re in the tank for Hillary Clinton. So this week, Whoopi Goldberg decided to chime in for some reason on Benghazi, and according to Whoopi, we’re all “bored” of talking about it… and Hillary didn’t do anything wrong, anyway!

Four Americans died at Benghazi, but hey, it’s old news.

“It makes no sense, you know. If you’re going to go after her, I mean, this is part of the problem. When people talk about, ‘She’s not trustworthy,’ it’s because people have done this.”

There are a lot of reasons why people don’t trust Hillary Clinton. Maybe it’s the pay-for-play schemes going on at the Clinton Foundation, or how she helped a child rapist go free and laughed about it, or how she left four Americans to die at Benghazi… and then lied and said the attack was over a YouTube video. Remember how she said she had to run for her life in Bosnia because her plane landed under sniper fire? Yep, total lie.

And there’s really a question as to why people don’t trust her?

Whoopi continued:

“She didn’t do anything. Walk away! Get something new! We’re bored with it.”

Well, the families of those who died at Benghazi aren’t bored with it, but they aren’t a D-List celebrity on a talk show, so what do they matter?

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